Caleb's Cab

By Sally Chomet

Illustrated by Sylvain Chomet

From the Oscar-nominated and Bafta award-winning creators of animated films Belleville Rendez Vous and The Illusionist comes a dark-edged comedy caper full of twists and surprises.

From the Oscar-nominated and Bafta-award-winning creators of animated films Belleville Rendez Vous and The Illusionist comes a hilarious, dark-edged comedy caper full of twists and surprises. Caleb's dad has vanished and only his abandoned taxi cab provides the clue to his last movements. But can Caleb solve the mystery of his missing dad before the greedy Money Mongers snatch him up – just like they did his best friend Myra? In a crazy world of eccentric characters and villainous greed, Caleb must put his foot down and drive for the truth! Sylvain and Sally Chomet bring their unique and cinematic art and storytelling to their first ever original children's book.

Categories: Fiction

For readers aged: 9+

  • Publication details:
  • Format: Hardback
  • ISBN: 9781406342277
  • Published: 03 Nov 2016
  • Price: £12.99
  • Size: 208 x 162 mm
  • Pages: 176

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Customer reviews


'A French tale with a twist of Dahl delights' The Times

''A splendidly surreal cab-driving caper, full of screeching swerves. Kids crammed into cash machines, Franglais alternate dimensions, spendthrift mothers swilling sherry and a brave boy in a fake moustache; this is a vanished-parent story with a difference, boasting Sylvain Chomet's unique, delicately menacing illustrations.' Imogen Russell Williams, children's critic Metro and Guardian

'From bizarre beauty treatments to living cash dispensers, there's loads to enjoy, with a touch of Roald Dahl and a hint of slapstick coming together beautifully.' Den of Geek

'“Caleb’s Cab is a triumph on many levels. It is a visually arresting picture book and an exciting adventure story for children, but it is also a stimulating social commentary for older readers. Despite its obvious depth, Caleb’s Cab is extremely accessible and very funny in places; a perfect book for sharing and for re-reading.”' Books for Keeps

'“Glossy pages and plenty of gorgeous colour illustrations make Sally and Sylvain Chomet’s Caleb’s Cab a good reading experience, even apart from the story. […] This wacky, well-produced story is a treat for the nine=plus.”' Newbury Weekly News

'[…] a sumptuously illustrated dystopian caper […] Original, dark and screwball, this is the first of a two-parter.' Observer

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