Egyptian Diary

By Richard Platt

Illustrated by David Parkins

Step back 3,000 years in time with the fascinating journal of Nakht, a young scribe.

The year is 1465 BC and Nakht's family is moving from their village to Memphis, where his father has just become an important scribe. With Nakht, we explore this bustling Egyptian city: visiting the craftsmen's workshops and the shipyards; watching a burial ritual; and learning how the land is farmed, how houses are built and how to fish and hunt. Most thrilling of all, he and his sister, Tamyt, witness a tomb robbery in the pyramids, and end up meeting the King of Egypt!

Categories: Non-Fiction

For readers aged: 7+

  • Publication details:
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781406330625
  • Published: 03 Mar 2011
  • Price: £6.99
  • Size: 280 x 214 mm
  • Pages: 64

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