"I Will Not Be Erased": Our stories about growing up as people of colour: eBook (Reflowable)

By gal-dem

Fourteen joyous, funny and life-affirming essays from gal-dem, the award-winning magazine created by young women and non-binary people of colour.

gal-dem, the award-winning online and print magazine, is created by women and non-binary people of colour. In this thought-provoking and moving collection of fourteen essays, gal-dem's writers use raw material from their teenage years – diaries, poems and chat histories – to give advice to their younger selves and those growing up today. gal-dem have been praised by the Guardian for being "the agents of change we need", and these essays tackle important subjects including race, gender, mental health and activism, making this essential reading for any young person. “A radical, beautiful, world-changing collection of writing that we all need to read.” Scarlett Curtis, Feminists Don’t Wear Pink

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For readers aged: 14+

  • Publication details:
  • Format: Reflowable
  • ISBN: 9781406393194
  • Published: 06 Jun 2019
  • Price: £7.99
  • Pages: 208

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Customer reviews


'“[…] warm, personal […]”' The Guardian

'“Open-minded individuals will find plenty to admire, whether eye-opening parables on prejudice, or unexpected dollops of humour.”' Belfast Telegraph

'“A must for showing angsty teens another perspective.”' Culture Whisper

'“[…] a must-read. Funny, relatable, profound.”' Glamour

'“Original, smart and funny essays.”' i

'A radical, beautiful, world-changing collection of writing that we all need to read.' Scarlett Curtis, Feminists Don’t Wear Pink

'Each story is a message to the younger generation, reassuring them that they will, indeed, survive - and, often, thrive. This is a book every 14-year-old girl and non-binary kid should have in their school bag.' Diva

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