Monsters of Men

By Patrick Ness

The electrifying finale to the multiple award-winning trilogy, Chaos Walking.

“War,” says the Mayor. “At last.” Three armies march on New Prentisstown, each one intent on destroying the others. Todd and Viola are caught in the middle, with no chance of escape. As the battles commence, how can they hope to stop the fighting? How can there ever be peace when they’re so hopelessly outnumbered? And if war makes monsters of men, what terrible choices await? But then a third voice breaks into the battle, one bent on revenge… The electrifying finale to the award-winning Chaos Walking trilogy, Monsters of Men is a heart-stopping novel about power, survival, and the devastating realities of war.

Categories: Fiction

For readers aged: 14+

  • Publication details:
  • Format: Hardback
  • ISBN: 9781406310276
  • Published: 03 May 2010
  • Price: £14.99
  • Size: 216 x 135 mm
  • Pages: 624

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Customer reviews


'breathtaking….innovative, intense writing at its incendiary best' The Bookseller

'The novels would seem sledgehammer-bleak if not for the narrative drive and uncompromising humanity that underpins every word in every line. Chaos Walking is too good for the Young Adult strapline. Like Philip Pullman, Robert Cormier and Paul Zindel, Ness has written the best kind of children’s book - the kind that teaches you how to grow up.' 3 Am Magazine

'Monsters of Men combines gripping storylines with real moral quandaries...Ness integrates the vast and powerful themes into the plot so seamlessly that they appear effortless. This is a rare and remarkable achievement. Monsters of Men is a near perfect conclusion to a near perfect trilogy.'

'Monsters of Men is nothing if not action-filled, and makes for a frenetic, dramatic conclusion to one of the finest Young Adult dystopian/science fiction series’ out there...this final novel is a beautiful, fitting send off to a truly superior series. And…I’m really sad to see it go, but at the same time, I think it ended perfectly. Absolutely recommended to readers of all ages and preferences.' The Book Smugglers

'Lives up to all expectations…An electrifying ending to a brilliant series.' Daily Express

'outstanding' The Bookseller

'featured/recommended' Press Democrat Newspaper

'featured/recommended' The Republican Newspaper

'featured/recommended' The Post and Courier Newspaper

'featured/recommended' El Paso Times Newspaper

'Chaos walking trilogy Featured/recommended'

'Featured/recommended' Shelfari Blog

'Monsters of Men is an extraordinary achievement.' Writer's News

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