Owl Bat Bat Owl

By Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick

A family of owls become neighbours with a family of bats ... just how will the night unfold?

From award-winning author and illustrator, Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick, comes a stunning wordless picture book that celebrates family, friendship and the power of togetherness. Mummy Owl and her three little owls live happily on their spacious branch. That is, until the bat family move in. And the new neighbours (the owls up-top, the bats hanging below) can’t help but feel a little wary of one another. Owls just don’t mix with bats and bats don’t mix with owls. But babies are curious little creatures and this curiosity, and a wild, stormy night, might just bring these two families together…

Categories: Picture Books

For readers aged: 1+

  • Publication details:
  • Format: Hardback
  • ISBN: 9781406364392
  • Published: 06 Oct 2016
  • Price: £11.99
  • Size: 200 x 280 mm
  • Pages: 32

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Customer reviews


'“Full of wit and warmth, this is a joyful wordless picture book. Owls are owls and bats are bats and they are very different – even when they are sharing the same branch. But the baby bat and the baby owl have other views and make friends despite what their wiser adults think. When a great storm disrupts their home bats and owls have to think again about the great importance of friendship. The expressions of bats and owls tell the readers everything they need to know!”' Julia Eccleshare Pick of the Month October 2016, LoveReading

'Intensely expressive, humorous and touching' The Guardian

'a gem of a present' The Herald

'Every picture tells a story in this funny, original picture book about a family of owls which makes its home on the same tree branch as a family of bats. [...] Award-winning author and illustrator Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick's clever, wordless picture book pays a silent but gloriously comical and colourful tribute to family, friendship and the power of togetherness as the bats and owls slowly start to branch out. [...] Little hands will enjoy turning the book upside down to see the world from a bat's perspective as they engage with illustrations so full of character and charm that words become unnecessary to understand the story. Youth, natural curiosity and a soaring flight of imagination in perfect harmony.' Lancashire Evening Post

'A simple idea and a funny book.' Newbury Weekly News

'an irresistible wordless picture book full of action and humour.' Irish Independent

'“[…] Owl Bat Bat Owl uses two families to subtly explore tolerance and community in a wordless picture book that reminds us just how crucial the visual is in this form.”' The Irish Times

'“One of my favourite picture books this year is Owl Bat Bat Owl by Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick. It is a wordless story that celebrates tolerance, friendship and co-operation between these unlikely neighbours, and it will encourage thoughtful discussions between parents and young children.”' Irish Times, Children’s Books of the Year recommended by P J Lynch

'“filled with beautiful, cute pictures”' Irish Times, Children’s Books of the Year recommended by Mary Brigid Turner

'“This wonderful wordless picture book can be read in two ways, the right way up or upside down. […] It will encourage thoughtful discussions between parents and young children. A celebration of tolerance, cooperation and friendship between these unlikely neighbours.”' The School Librarian

'“A stunning, unique picture book about friendship and family, which demonstrates that strangers can become true friends. The delightful illustrations keep the story flowing from page to page without the need for words. […] a story four our times as millions are on the move.”' Carousel

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