The Story of Buildings

By Patrick Dillon

Illustrated by Stephen Biesty

A highly readable book about architecture, lavishly illustrated with sixteen intricate cross sections.

From straw huts to skyscrapers, palaces to arts centres, The Story of Buildings takes us on a journey across continents and over centuries. Patrick Dillon selects sixteen of the most iconic buildings from around the world including the Parthenon, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Taj Mahal, the Forbidden City, the Bauhaus, Crystal Palace, the Sydney Opera House and the Pompidou Centre, and tells the remarkable human story behind each of them. Stephen Biesty's detailed, intricate cross-sections allow us to see inside these incredible structures and appreciate the inspiration of their creators. Technical information and architectural terms are explained in labels and flaps and there is an extensive index and timeline at the end of the book.

Categories: Non-Fiction

For readers aged: 8+

  • Publication details:
  • Format: Hardback
  • ISBN: 9781406335903
  • Published: 03 Apr 2014
  • Price: £16.99
  • Size: 288 x 248 mm
  • Pages: 96

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Customer reviews


'I’m not sure if it’s intended for adults or for children but I desperately want to take it home with me. ' It's Nice That

'Architecture and history combine in this handsomely produced book . . . a wealth of information contextualising the buildings and explaining how they work' Guardian Review

'Now I can imagine that on first glance, The Story of Buildings might not sound like a tome that you’ll be tripping over your feet to get hold of, but I can assure you that just a couple of minutes flicking through its pages are enough to have you dismissing your first impressions with an impatient flick of the hand. Focusing on some of the most magnificent buildings ever to have been built, and the wondrously talented and diverse people who build them, this book leaves no detail ignored. Stephen Biesty’s illustrations come complete with tiny little people and fold-out pages and diagrams, while Patrick Dillon’s explanations are in-depth but yet simple to grasp. I’m not sure if it’s intended for adults or for children but I desperately want to take it home with me.' It's Nice That

'Patrick Dillon’s stories of remarkable buildings — and the remarkable people who made them — celebrates the ingenuity of human creation. Stephen Biesty’s extraordinarily detailed illustrations take us inside famous buildings throughout history and demonstrate just how these marvelous structures fit together. These cross sections are accompanied by rich detail about how buildings work; for each of the 26 buildings studied we get the absolute nitty-gritty; an architecturally forensic level of detail that loses none of the wonder' Mumsnet Suffolk and Norfolk

'An ambitious work beautifully realized and providing for in-depth examination as well as having an endless dip-into attraction' Armadillo

'A fascinating book; a clever concept beautifully illustrated.' The School Librarian

'A fun deconstruction of famous buildings to give a quirky history of architecture' Evening Standard Magazine

'Conceived to be read either linearly or just as reference, this amazing book contains loads of interesting information and is really well laid-out. The stories of different buildings are set against more technical information in a very effective way. Biesty’s wonderful illustrations perfectly balance a clinical approach of technical isometric views with a great sense of narrative and the warmth of watercolours. For any child, any age.' Children’s Books Ireland Recommended Read

'One elegant book…sure to enthral anyone with an interest in architecture and architectural history.' Carousel

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