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  • Henrietta Henrietta

    Henrietta Branford

    Winner of 1998 Guardian Children's Fiction Prize for Fire, Bed and Bone.
  • Anna Anna
  • Sebastien Sebastien
  • Sarah-Rees Sarah-Rees
  • Rachel Rachel
  • Fanny Fanny
  • Angela Angela
  • James James

    James Brown

    James Brown is an illustrator and designer, working commercially and producing screen prints and linocuts from his London studio. Trained as a textile designer, he worked in the clothing industry for 10 years before embarking on a new career as an illustrator in 2006. Clients include The Poetry Society, The Guardian, Bloomsbury and AMVBBDO to name but a few. James has also designed and produced bespoke prints for The Postal Museum, V&A Enterprises and The Barbican.
  • Eileen Eileen

    Eileen Browne

    Creator of the immensely popular picture books Handa’s Surprise and Handa’s Hen.
  • Anthony Anthony

    Anthony Browne

    One of the most popular and distinctive artists working today, Anthony was awarded the prestigious Hans Christian Andersen Award for his services to children’s literature in 2000.