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  • David David

    David Martin

    An author and illustrator who never once thought he could write until he began to find inspiration in his friends and family, and now writes children's stories. Author of We've All Got Bellybuttons, illustrated by Randy Cecil.
  • Reed Reed
  • Claire Claire

    Claire Masurel

    Author of Two Homes, a much acclaimed picture book tackling the difficult subject of divorce.
  • Adriana Adriana

    Adriana Mather

    Adriana writes, I was born in New York on Long Island, and even though I don’t have a New York accent I have a deep love for coffee, public transportation and fast-paced everything. I went to Vassar College and studied religion and biology, which brought me to the Himalayas in India for a year where I lived with Tibetan monks and nuns. When I graduated, I moved to Los Angeles, California and started making movies. I started writing for fun. And when I got 100 pages in, I thought “Ima do this thing and write a book.” I got a fair amount of laughs for that, which only brought me to the conclusion that I was not only going to write it, but I was also going to sell it.
  • Sarah Sarah
  • Sam Sam

    Sam McBratney

    The award-winning author of the multi-million selling picture book phenomenon Guess How Much I Love You.
  • Amanda Amanda
  • Kelly Kelly

    Kelly McCaughrain

    Kelly was born in Belfast in 1977 and grew up in nineteenth-century Avonlea. She studied at Queens University Belfast, where she did two degrees. For fun. She currently lives with her husband Michael and their ancient VW campervan Gerda.
  • Patricia Patricia

    Patricia McCormick

    An author for young adults, Patricia's books have won many awards including the 2006 Editor's Choice Award.
  • Emily-Arnold Emily-Arnold