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  • Lesl-a Lesl-a
  • Karl Karl
  • Grace Grace

    Grace Nichols

    A poet best known for her collections and anthologies which aim to capture the atmosphere of Caribbean culture.
  • Jenny Jenny
  • Mark Mark
  • Kim Kim
  • Gary Gary

    Gary Northfield

    Gary Northfield has been writing and drawing comics since 2002. He is most famous for Derek the Sheep – a comic strip that appeared in The Beano. Gary has also created comics for National Geographic Kids magazine, The Phoenix, The Dandy, The DFC, Horrible Histories magazine, Horrible Science magazine and The Magical World of Roald Dahl. Gary is the author of the highly-acclaimed The Terrible Tales of the Teenytinysaurs published by Walker Books. One of his favourite subject matters is animals and their jolly lives. Gary often wonders what they think about the world they live in. Gary lives in Belvedere, Kent. Follow him on twitter @garynorthfield.
  • Deborah Deborah

    Deborah Noyes

    Author of Hana in the Time of the Tulips, a masterfully illustrated picture book that examines the tulip fever that once gripped the Netherlands.