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Adriana Mather

As a child

I was born in New York on Long Island, and even though I don’t have a New York accent I have a deep love for coffee, public transportation and fast-paced everything. I didn’t know I wanted to be a writer when I was little, but I did have this funny quirk where I would memorize lines from books my mother read me and then recite them around the house.

As an adult

I went to Vassar College and studied religion and biology, which brought me to the Himalayas in India for a year where I lived with Tibetan monks and nuns. When I graduated, I moved to Los Angeles, California and started making movies. I actually broke my arm snowboarding a few years ago (bad, real bad) and was committed to my mom’s couch for a couple of months. When I recovered my whole life was upended and all my projects were on hold. So I started writing for fun. And when I got 100 pages in, I thought “Ima do this thing and write a book.” I got a fair amount of laughs for that, which only brought me to the conclusion that I was not only going to write it, but I was also going to sell it. Stubborn, you say? I don’t know where you would have gotten that from ;)

As an Illustrator / Writer

I work at home, and oftentimes from my bed. Someone once compared me to the grandparents in Willy Wonka. And I thought, yes, that is the most apt celebrity comparison I’ve ever gotten.

Ten Things You Didn't Know About Adriana Mather

<point 1>My step-brother convinced me that a gremlin lived on my porch when I was a kid and I refused to walk across it in the dark. I used to call my mom from the driveway and make her come out of the house. </point 1> <point 2> I always think I'm going to build a fairy house, but never get around to doing it. I lug rocks and bark and all kinds of things home in the event that I ever do. </point 2> <point 3>On my first day of rugby practice, everyone predicted I wouldn't last for very long. I played three years, went to nationals twice. I broke my leg during a drill called "Everybody Dies". I didn't cry. They wound up nicknaming me Rugby Barbie. </point 3> <point 4> I call my fiancé “Pirate”. I couldn’t remember his name when I first met him, and this seemed to work better. </point 4> <point 5> If I don't travel, I get claustrophobic. </point 5> <point 6>I have a fear of large empty public bathrooms and sometimes sprint out of them at full speed. </point 6> <point 7>My first acting scene in a movie was with Danny Glover.</point 7> <point 8>I shaved my head once for a movie and as my hair grew back it grew straight off my head for four months like Paranorman. Even in the shower it wouldn’t go down. </point 8> <point 9>I think scorpions are rad cause despite their tiny size they never run from you, but rather stand their ground for a fight.</point 9> <point 10>I once had a dwarf bunny named Iggy Hop. She was a supreme strategist who found countless ways to get on my bed, despite the barriers I created. Once up there, she would run around in circles like a mad woman, chase all the cats off, and poop. A real charmer. </point 10>

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