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John Harris Dunning

Born in South Africa, John Dunning has lived in London since graduating from university. He has written for The Guardian and Metro newspapers, and has contributed to magazines like Esquire, GQ, Arena, iD and Dazed & Confused, to name a few. He also acted as features editor at Port magazine. Writing comics is Dunning’s main passion. His work appeared at London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts as a part of the Comica Festival in 2003, and his series ‘Salem Brownstone’ with artist Nikhil Singh in award-winning UK anthology Sturgeon White Moss alongside work by Charles Burns and Daniel Johnston. Extracts of ‘Salem Brownstone’ were included in the book ‘Pictures and Words’ that also featured work by Marjane Satrapi, Joe Sacco, David Shrigley, Jason and Jim Woodring. He is curating the show 'Comics Unmasked: Art and Anarchy in the UK' at the British library in 2014 as well as writing the accompanying book with co-curator, comics critic Paul Gravett.

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