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Lauren James

As a child

Lauren James studied at the University of Nottingham, where she started writing The Next Together, a story set at the university. She had a book deal before she graduated.

As an adult

Lauren was 22 when her first novel was published, and has been writing ever since! She now lives in Berkswell, West Midlands.

As a writer

She loves writing outside in her garden best, with sunglasses on and dogs at her feet. She has published two novels and a novella: The Next Together, The Last Beginning and Another Together. Two more novels are coming soon.

Things you didn't know about Lauren James

  1. Lauren wrote her first novel when she was eleven. It was called The Great Escape: A Dogs Tail and was about her own dogs.
  2. Her favourite book is Northern Lights by Philip Pullman
  3. Lauren writes best at night – after 1am!
  4. When she was ten, Lauren started her own business breeding and selling baby gerbils to local pet shops for £8 each. She spent all the profits on books.
  5. Her favourite author is Neil Gaiman, and when she went to his book signing as a teenager she accidentally curtseyed to him because she was fangirling so hard!
  6. She loves to bake, and usually ends up giving away cake to anyone who will take it.
  7. Lauren swims every day. She’s really good at tumbleturns.
  8. Swimming is when she solves all her plotholes and plans new books.
  9. Lauren’s favourite film is Pride & Prejudice.
  10. Lauren used to play the oboe at school, but she wasn’t very good – it usually sounded like a quacking duck!

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