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Nikhil Singh

As a child

It is always difficult being raised on an alien world. Venus is no exception. Perhaps it was the oceans of liquid carbon, crushing gravitational fields and storms of ammoniac cloud which made me yearn for greener pastures. Earth seemed the most providential destination, though acquiring a human host was extremely taxing and cost me many centuries of waifing across the void and over partially populated continents. My childhood was spent as a whisper in children's minds, a fever in Triassic jungles, A God in various Sumerian hell holes and a ghost at the bottom of ancient and desolate wells. But now just pretending to be human is good enough for me.

As an adult

I studied under a dark cloud. I lived in an ivory tower. My drawing career began with chiseling hieroglyphs into the walls of pyramids. Not much has changed.

As an artist

I will probably be killed by aliens if I divulge my secret work.

Things you didn't know about Nikhil Singh

  1. I have an electric blue glitter spacesuit and I know how to use it.
  2. I worked in a cannibal mermaid sushi bar before I had lungs.
  3. I believe that cats rule the world.
  4. I became human after losing a bet.
  5. I take not being serious very seriously.
  6. I'll perform tarot readings for ANYONE who asks.
  7. I am the illegitimate love-child of Louise Brooks and The Cheshire Cat.
  8. I'm vegan.
  9. I believe in fairies.
  10. I didn't finish school!

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