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Sarah Nayler

As a child

Sarah grew up in Norfolk (north and south) and always wanted to fly airplanes, but never quite got the qualifications. Her form tutor thought she might be better off going to art college. Her dad wanted Sarah to get an HGV and drive lorries with him but when her tutor said she could actually draw pictures for a living, she made my mind up. She wanted to go to Art College.

As an adult

Sarah went to art college at 18 and moved to Great Yarmouth for 2 years and then went off to Hull for further 3 years, one of which was spent hiding in the print room doing dry points and mono prints. After graduating, Sarah moved to London and started getting her portfolio seen and soon began working for the Evening Standard magazine.

As an artist

Sarah loved to draw and take her sketch book everywhere, she loved watching people and then translating them into her work, whether in paint or pencil or pen. Using a computer meant they could be coloured up digitally, but everything was drawn from scratch. Sarah even took her sketch book with her when she had chemotherapy: you never know when you will draw something fantastic. Sadly, Sarah passed away in 2008.

Things you didn't know about Sarah Nayler

  1. 100% cyan and 20% magenta 80% yellow are my favourite colours ever.
  2. I am dyslexic.
  3. I love chocolate very much.
  4. I would one day like to thank my art teacher Martin Rhodes for having faith in my potentional.
  5. I ride my bike everywhere (well try).
  6. I admire Tony Ross and Dave Grohl is my hero.
  7. I once bumped into Lionel Bart ( the man who wrote 'Oliver' the musical) at the Design Museum opening. I was so in awe of him that I could not talk. I wanted to say I really admired him but I didn't. I so regret it now that I always say things and do stuff so I will not regret missing out.
  8. I have a framed picture of me and Westlife on my wall.
  9. I cannot eat ice cream (which is such a bummer).
  10. When my goldfish died he was 16 years old. He retired to my dad's pond.

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