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Yu Rong

As a child

Yu Rong grew up in the countryside of China. Her family lived in a little cottage beside a bamboo forest. She and her younger sister liked listening to birds, feeding chickens, planting vegetables and catching fish. Sometimes they were even scared by snakes. Her father kept many animals, such as dogs, cats, rabbits, pigs and goats, and she helped to feed them all.

As an adult

Yu Rong was first trained as a primary school teacher. After two years teaching experience, she went to university in Nanjing to obtain a BA degree in fine art. She then worked as an illustrator, designer and art teacher. She really enjoyed teaching art to children and often she was invited to teach children in their homes and have dinner with their families. She moved to Cambridge, England, in 1997 after getting married to her German husband, and attended the Royal College of Art in London, studying Communication Art and Design. Yu Rong now lives in a small village on the outskirts of Cambridge with her husband Henning and their young children Hannah and Moritz.

As an artist

Yu Rong began illustrating children’s books when she was in China. After coming to England, she created her first character, Amelia Goose, who was inspired by her daughter Hannah. Both are innocent, happy, enthusiastic and energetic about life. She also illustrated Tracks of a Panda, a book about the lives of pandas written by Nick Dowson. She loves to paint pandas as they remind her of her home country. The project also allowed her to use her Chinese background by using traditional Chinese painting techniques.

Things you didn't know about Yu Rong

  1. She loves cooking.
  2. She has a plant called the Dutchman's Pipe. It flowers overnight and withers the next morning.
  3. She has a lot of goldfish.
  4. She used to be a great short distance runner.
  5. She used to share her flat with ten birds.
  6. She has a Myna bird which speaks lots of Chinese.
  7. She sews beautiful dolls' dresses.
  8. She can cut paper into any shape she likes.
  9. She can't swim.
  10. She grows Chinese vegetable in her garden.

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