Ask Amy Green: Boy Trouble

By Sarah Webb

Meet Amy Green – teenage agony aunt extraordinaire!

When Amy’s seventeen-year-old Aunt Clover lands a dream job giving advice for teen mag The Goss Amy quickly realizes that this is no ordinary column. Clover – being Clover – doesn’t just want to answer her readers’ letters, she wants to solve their problems … personally. From stamping out malicious rumours to handling first kisses and creating the perfect Bebo page, the pair bring happiness to many unhappy girls. But when Amy falls for the cute boy in her art class, she finds she’s in need of a little help of her own…

Categories: Fiction

For readers aged: 9+

  • Publication details:
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781406316919
  • Published: 02 Feb 2009
  • Price: £6.99
  • Size: 198 x 129 mm
  • Pages: 240

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Customer reviews

taylor age 11 wrote:

It was like step by step a romantic story ,and you felt like you were in the book.I felt like i wanted to tell amy, what to do and plan it all for her!

emily age 11 wrote:

I know at the beginning how Wendy feels because i've been in the same situation!!!!! Trust me not nice but the book is great!!!!!!!!!!!

penny age 12 wrote:

I'm in the middle of reading it right now i cant put it down, it's really good- buy it peeps its ace !!!!!!!!!!!!

Melanie age 11 wrote:

I couldn't put it down!! The book is brilliant, Clover is ace and I am really looking forward to the sequel!!!

Sophie age 14 wrote:

I'm currently reading it and I only got it today and I'm on chapter 10 already, I can't put it down! My friend let me borrow it and I'm so happy that she let me borrow it, it's one of the best books I've read in my life! Good on you Sarah Webb, writing genius!! I can't wait for the sequel, should be even better than the 1st! Amy Green and Clover work together like a house on fire, I wish I worked for a magazine and I was sassy like Clover. Rocking book!

Amy Crowe age 13 wrote:

I really got into the book, Its just so real. I love it, and cant wait for the 2nd one..x

catherine age 12 wrote:

hi sarah i just bought the book it's great i'm already on chapter 3 i hope you will write loads more of amazing books like all your other ones

zanete age 13 wrote:

i am reading this books at the moment such i good book cant wait to see what going to happen at the end, very good books, there should be more books like that because they get you in to reading which is very good, people would agree with me about this books that you cant stop when you start then you are bit dissapointed that there no book like it that will get you reading! thank you to the athour!!! very good book cant wait for more books like this!


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