Fiona’s Little Accident

By Rosemary Wells

When excitement over show-and-tell causes Fiona to miss a bathroom break, her best friend Felix reassures her that all will be OK.

From the inimitable Rosemary Wells, author-illustrator of My Very First Mother Goose, comes a story about best friends, Fiona and Felix. Fiona has no time today – not even to go to the bathroom. She is in a big hurry to show off the volcano she and Felix made for show-and-tell. But just as the volcano erupts ... oops! If only she had stopped to use the bathroom when she needed to! Fiona thinks that everyone will laugh about her accident for the next fifty years. But with the help of Felix, her teacher, and a classmate’s pet goldfish, Fiona learns that little accidents are quickly forgotten.

Categories: Picture Books

For readers aged: 4+

  • Publication details:
  • Format: Hardback
  • ISBN: 9781406380484
  • Published: 01 Feb 2018
  • Price: £11.99
  • Size: 250 x 190 mm
  • Pages: 32

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