By Jill Murphy

From the creator of the Large Family series comes another perfectly observed family comedy about a baby bunny rabbit and her mum on the supermarket shop … a shop which doesn’t go quite to plan!

“Jill Murphy deserves a constellation of gold stars for consistently writing picture books that please children and enrapture parents” Observer From the bestselling author of The Worst Witch and the Large Family series comes a true-to-life, laugh-out-loud family comedy about a toddler tantrum. Ruby the rabbit likes to be helpful, but she often gets a bit overexcited … especially in the supermarket. Crisps are so CRUNCHY! Tins of beans are fun to ROLL! And when Ruby sees a cake, a cake in the shape of a cute pink piggy, she wants it … she wants it now. Introducing Ruby, a completely loveable new bunny, Jill Murphy observes the oh-so familiar supermarket sulk with all of her trademark warmth and wit, and perfectly depicts family life – in all its hectic glory – once again.

Categories: Picture Books

For readers aged: 3+

  • Publication details:
  • Format: Hardback
  • ISBN: 9781406327915
  • Published: 01 Sep 2016
  • Price: £11.99
  • Size: 230 x 270 mm
  • Pages: 32

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Customer reviews


'The sheer joy of a Jill Murphy picture books lies in the way that she successfully conjures up the frustration and exhaustion of raising small children while infusing each adventure with unconditional love. Her books about the Large elephant family are modern classics and this latest deserves similar status. [...] Ruby's metamorphosis from willing, trilling assistant into mad-eyes, arch-backed demon is brilliantly handled both in words and pictures and the warm, witty ending will draw a tender sigh or recognition from all parents.' Daily Mail

'Now here's a simply brilliant picture book that all parents will love ...the familiar but torrid tale of a terrible toddler meltdown! [...] excruciatingly true-to-life, brilliantly observed, wonderfully witty picture book [...] The genius of Jill Murphy is her ability to capture the subversive behavior of toddlers and frustrations of parents with the simplest of words and her ingeniously expressive illustrations. [...] This is family life in its stark and chaotic reality, all portrayed with Murphy's trademark warmth, wit and sense of fun, and guaranteed to become everyone's favourite picture book!' Lancashire Evening Post

'[...]will appeal to anyone whose toddler has had a meltdown in the supermarket! With warmth and wit this book celebrates the toddler parent relationship and puts meltdowns into a new light!' Armadillo

'Jill Murphy is as essential to parents as to children. Her Five Minutes' Peace remains one of my all-time favourite picture books. it is a pleasure to salute a new classic with an all-too appropriate title for the season; Meltdown! [...] i love Murphy's understanding that a toddler's exuberance (celebrated here) is often at the same time a parent's nightmare. [...] I kept thinking: been there, bought that. It is wonderfully relaxing to read about Ruby and mummy's stressful outing and be grateful not to be them.' The Observer

'“In the tradition of the wonderfully warm and well-observed Large Family books, a baby rabbit and her mum visit the supermarket, with unexpected consequences.”' The Bookseller

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