Nano: The Spectacular Science of the Very (Very) Small

By Jess Wade

Illustrated by Melissa Castrillón

This exciting non-fiction picture book introduces young readers to the fascinating (and cutting-edge) science of the very, very small.

Everything is made from something ... but the way we make things, from the materials we use to the science and technology involved, is changing fast. Nano offers a fascinating narrative introduction to this cutting-edge area of STEM, better known by the name "nanotechnology". With words by Dr Jess Wade – a highly skilled physicist and trailblazing campaigner for diversity in STEM fields – and beautiful, dynamic pictures by award-winning artist Melissa Castrillón, this is the perfect book for budding young scientists and engineers. "We need more beautifully illustrated and involving non-fiction like this. Wade and Castrillón introduce nanoscience with perfect clarity and inviting pictures." The Sunday Times

Categories: Non-Fiction

For readers aged: 6+

  • Publication details:
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781406394603
  • Published: 03 Mar 2022
  • Price: £7.99
  • Size: 293 x 217 mm
  • Pages: 32

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Customer reviews


'We need more beautifully illustrated and involving non-fiction like this. Wade and Castrillon introduce nanoscience with perfect clarity and inviting pictures.' The Sunday Times

'another beautiful picture book for five-plus, plunging deep into the world of atoms, materials applications of nanoscience, with accessible text and richly shaded pictures' The Guardian

'Written by a highly skilled physicist with beautiful art from Castrillon.' The Bookseller

'This book is amazing! The pictures were incredible and they helped make the information clearer […] This book shows that science is useful and fun to learn.' Violet (Age 7), Books Up North

'This thoughtfully accessible introduction to nanotechnology will surprise and delight young minds reaching horizons you never thought you might investigate. A brilliant brain-dusting book for budding young scientists.' WRD

'It’s brilliantly written and beautifully illustrated [by Melissa Castrillón] and I highly recommend it to anyone who doesn’t want to explain nanoscience to their children themselves!' Daniel Radcliffe

'Featured in The Bookseller's March Previews 2022.' The Bookseller

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