Wasted: eBook (Reflowable ePub)

By Nicola Morgan

When danger, passion and chance collide…

Jack worships luck and decides his actions by the flip of a coin. No risk is too great if the coin demands it. Luck brings him Jess, a beautiful singer who will change his life. But Jack’s luck is running out, and soon the stakes are high. As chance and choice unravel, the risks of Jack’s game become terrifyingly clear. An evening of heady recklessness, and suddenly a life hangs in the balance, decided by the toss of a coin. In the end, it is the reader who must choose whether to spin that coin and determine: life or death.

Categories: Ebooks

For readers aged: 12+

  • Publication details:
  • Format: Reflowable
  • ISBN: 9781406333213
  • Published: 06 Sep 2010
  • Price: £6.99

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Customer reviews


'This is an incredible piece of fiction written by Nicola Morgan and for me, definitely the new read of 2010 so far.... This book feels like a stroke of genius, combining a fast-paced story with romance and danger, success and family drama alongside some seriously thought-provoking happenstance. Fantastic.' A Bookseller

'Morgan has always been interested in showing how the adolescent brain works — in addition to her superb Highwayman’s Footsteps novels, inspired by the famous poem, she has written two useful nonfiction books on the teenage brain — and Wasted dramatises the power of first love and how easily a young life can be derailed. It’s a gripping, original and stylish read that should cheer teens up by making them sob their eyes out.' The Times

'Truly an amazing book that really makes you wonder about the little chances that life turns on. A story about love, fate and the danger of leaving things to chance.' http://ourbookreviewsonline.blogspot.com/

'This is certainly the most unique, original and all round fascinating book I’ve read for a while. From the very first page this book really captured my attention, I just didn’t want to put it down.' Rhiana-reads

'An interesting intelligent novel' The Scotsman

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