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  • Jennifer Jennifer

    Jennifer Eachus

    An award-winning illustrator who creates soft, luminous illustrations.
  • Lindsay Lindsay
  • Rae Rae

    Rae Earl

    Rae Earl was born in Stamford in Lincolnshire in 1971. Her first book ‘My Mad Fat Diary’, described as ‘Funnier, sadder & ruder than Adrian Mole’ by the Financial Times , was published in 2007. Her ‘Hattie Moore’ series for teens is published by Walker Books. She currently lives in Hobart, Tasmania with her husband & son where she grows carrots very badly.
  • Heinz Heinz
  • Sarah Sarah

    Sarah Edmonds

    Born on a farm in Wales, this inspired a vivid imagination and Sarah was drawing and writing stories throughout her early years. She has created illustrations for museums, national parks, festivals and publishers and also delivered creative arts workshops in schools and communities. Sarah’s favourite materials are chunky crayons, ink and more recently the iPad.
  • David David
  • Justyn Justyn
  • Georghia Georghia
  • David David

    David Elliott

    As well as being an author David is also a professor at Colby-Sawyer College in New London, New Hampshire.
  • Joseph Joseph