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Bruce Ingman

As an adult

After teaching in several colleges of art and illustrating for such magazines as Vogue, Bruce's first book, When Martha's Away, was published in 1995 to huge critical acclaim. Not only was his book honoured with the National Art Library Award, but Bruce was presented with the prestigious Mother Goose Award as the most exciting British newcomer to children's picture books. Since then, he has written and illustrated several more children's books, including Bad News! I'm in Charge!, a sly look at every kid's wildest dream come true, and illustrated three stunningly original picture books written by Allan Ahlberg: The Runaway Dinner, Previously and The Pencil. Bruce lives in London, UK.

As an artist

Bruce illustrated Boing!, a bouncing comedy and a masterful display of emergency trampolining skills, written by Sean Taylor. It was the first time he illustrated words that weren't his own. "When I was given the story, I loved it and wanted to illustrate it straight away," the artist says. "My rough layout of the book happened very spontaneously and naturally spread beyond the normal thirty-two pages. It just seemed ideal for the story. The language Sean uses made me laugh. I hope I did it justice." Bruce adds that Boing! "will always be a special book for me, not only because it's a great story but also because it happened at such an exciting and important time for me – the birth of my daughter, Alvie."

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