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Gillian Cross

As a child

Gillian grew up on the north edge of London, in a house with a big garden. She spent a lot of time reading, and wandering around the garden pretending to be someone else, which was very good practice for writing. She also went to school, and learnt to play the piano (not well), and ride (even worse).

As an adult

Gillian went to Oxford University, where she studied English, and met and married Martin Cross. They have four children and live in a village in Warwickshire.

As an artist

Gillian began to write books when she was about seven, and finished the first one when she was twenty-eight. Five years later, her first two books were published and she has been writing ever since. Her best-known books include Wolf, The Great Elephant Chase, and The Demon Headmaster series. She works in a messy office and has to rewrite a lot.

Things you didn't know about Gillian Cross

  1. I have orienteered for twenty-five years (but I’m still no good at it).
  2. One of the knuckles on my left hand is missing.
  3. My favourite season is spring.
  4. My handwriting is so bad that I had to sit at the front of the class in handwriting lessons at school.
  5. My favourite place in the world is Castlerigg Stone Circle in the Lake District.
  6. When I was at school, I loved drama and wanted to act professionally.
  7. My office has a wonderful view – a brick wall (it doesn’t distract me).
  8. My favourite animals are otters and wolves.
  9. I love going for long walks, especially in Scotland.
  10. I’ve never worked out how to do a handstand or a headstand.

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