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Glenn Wood

As a child

I was born in New Plymouth, a small town in New Zealand. I grew up there and in typical Kiwi fashion had lots of adventures in the outdoors. The area around where I lived was full of rivers. lakes, beaches and even a mountain. This gave me a lifelong love of adventure and outdoor activities.

As an adult

I live in Auckland, New Zealand. I like the city but also like to escape on the weekend, preferably somewhere coastal. I’ve always enjoyed writing and making up stories. I have had a successful career as an advertising copywriter which allowed me to be creative while earning a good living. I have also written for film and television.

As a writer

I work from home but need to be working on several projects at once – I get bored easily. I have two adult books published – The Laughing Policeman: My brilliant career in the New Zealand police and Cop Out: The end of my brilliant career in the New Zealand police. Both are humorous memoirs and were best sellers when released in New Zealand. I have two children’s books published – the Brain Sucker and the Bully Chip.

Things you didn’t know about Glenn Wood

  1. I have dabbled with acting and been in several short films.
  2. I am known to be something of a Jinx and injure myself regularly.
  3. I play the guitar but not that well.
  4. A lot of the names in my books are mixtures of the names of people I know in real life.
  5. I coached netball for several years.
  6. I own a (slightly illegal) potato cannon.
  7. I’m a surfer
  8. My favourite kid’s film is The Emperor’s New Groove
  9. I was born on Guy fawkes Day and love fireworks
  10. My daughter is also a writer.

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