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Helen Piercy

As a child

I was born in Lincolnshire and from an early age loved to draw and paint. Growing up I was obsessed with comic books and watching cartoons, I was always coming up with characters and doodling comic strips in the back of my maths book when I should have been paying attention in class. My family owned an old fashioned video recorder, which my friend and I would use to make a stop motion animation using our toys. Watching the characters come to life on screen was absolutely magical and I have been fascinated with animation ever since!

As an adult

After studying Graphic Design at Norwich University College of the Arts I went on to gain a Master Degree in Animation Direction at the National Film and Television School, where I made several short films, including one about pet death. After working in the film industry for a number of years I decided to set up my own business running animation workshops for young people. I now travel the country teaching filmmaking techniques in schools, museums and books shops with the aim to make animation accessible to young people

As an artist

I love filmmaking and have ambitions to write and direct a children's fantasy feature film.

Things you didn’t know about Helen Piercy

  1. I am ambidextrous.
  2. I love Tabasco and put it on everything (apart from cornflakes.)
  3. My top three animals are owls, cats and manatees.
  4. I play the ukulele.
  5. My favourite author is Tove Jansson.
  6. I chipped my front tooth going down a slide when I was 7.
  7. I am related to the actor Clark Gable.
  8. I have a ridiculous fear of Daddy Longlegs.

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