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Lerryn Korda

As a child

I was born in London and grew up by the Thames . I liked collecting all sorts of muddy things from the river bank which all had their own stories. I wrote and illustrated lots of books. My favourite being Anabel the Singing Cow. I worried about lots of things but found that I always felt better when I was drawing, painting or by losing myself in books. My favourite childhood books were The Giant Jam Sandwich, anything by Richard Scarry, The Hobbit and The Borrowers.

As an adult

As an adult I went to New York and studied film at NYU as this combined my love of images and story.From New York I moved to Los Angeles to work in the film industry. After various jobs where I met lots of interesting people I ended up in the art department where I stayed for many years working on TV, film and commercials.I returned to England in my late twenties continuing to work in the art department. Having my first child gave me the opportunity to return to my first love - illustration and books.

As an artist

I did an MA at Kingston University. At first I found it difficult until my tutor wrote me a note that said “I give you permission to make a mess.” After a lot of doodling, scribbling and mess Little Nye appeared as my final project. I work in the loft overlooking lots of gardens. I listen to the radio and drink many cups of tea . I find ideas come when I’m not trying to think of ideas – as I’m going off to sleep especially. I love what I do.

Things you didn't know about Lerryn Korda

  1. I love travelling by train especially sleepers
  2. I had an imaginary friend called Bobby as a child – he was a black clipped poodle
  3. In primary school I was an editor of a short lived news letter called “The Bogey Express” all about nose picking
  4. I still sometimes check under the bed
  5. I broke my arm twice as a child
  6. I get very excited about stationary
  7. In another life I would be a physicist
  8. Favourite foods; sushi and noodles.
  9. I’m allergic to dogs which of course makes them really friendly
  10. I often think I have overcome my fear of heights until I’m at the top.

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