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Libby Gleeson

As a child

I grew up in a number of country towns in Australia. I am one of six children, and although we didn’t have lots of money, we had lots of books and I read all the time. My mum says I made up stories at the breakfast table, when I was only three or four, and I made everyone listen!

As an adult

I trained as a teacher, but gave it up to travel and to write. I lived in Europe and England for five years, but have since returned to Australia, where I write full-time. I have three girls, who are now almost grown up, but they have influenced my writing – lots of stories where family is important, and relationships dominate.

As an artist

I work at a big messy desk overlooking my back yard – I’m looking now at my jacaranda! My stories are strong on family life, and the necessity for honest relationships that love and support children. I love writing across ages – from toddlers to teenagers, and all, I think, focus on small moments in people’s lives that add up to drama and heroism.

Things you didn't know about Libby Gleeson

  1. When I was ten, I wanted to be a pilot.
  2. I can swim really well, but I run very slowly.
  3. I’m a rotten speller, and need a dictionary on my desk!
  4. I love gossip.
  5. I love the smell of a baby’s head.
  6. I hate housework and avoid it all the time.
  7. I’m a bad cook, but my husband loves to cook. Yippee!

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