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Mouni Feddag

As an adult

I finished school at 16 and went straight to England to try studying Psychology in Bristol. I was too young and unfocussed and homesick, and ended up going back to my family and studying graphic design at a local university near Frankfurt (Hochschule Darmstadt). The initial intention was to become an employable graphic designer and improve my photography, but drawing got me so much attention and compliments that I ended up mainly sticking with illustration classes. In the end I graduated with apparently nothing but some ability to draw, so had no choice but to try and earn money as an illustrator, because I am so painfully shy! I ended up picking up a job in my local supermarket to save the deterioration of my social skills and actually found I love working with people, not just watching them – so now I am about to start training to work as a radiographer in a hospital, although I'll never stop drawing.

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