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Sam Hart

As A Child

I was born in England and had a healthy start living in Braunston, a small town in the Midlands. After a quick stay in foggy London, I left for the tropical beaches of Brazil, only to find myself in the midst of smoggy São Paulo, the third largest city in the world. I drew fanzines throughout school and college, eventually finding steady work doing illustrations for Brazil’s most popular magazines and newspapers. I first met Tony Lee in 2004 and our first work together was Starship Troopers: Alamo Bay.

As An Adult

Since then Tony and I often work together, which is cool as he gives me a lot of freedom in the script. I still live in Brazil and almost all our communication is via e-mail. I enjoy researching the time period, clothes, and scenery before drawing sketches of the characters. If I get the chance, I’ll visit locations that have something to do with the story: for example, Sherwood Forest or Cornwall. I start the pages with pencil layouts, trying to get the feel of place and flow of the story. Then I do the lettering so the editors can read the pages. Next are the inks: nowadays I do them digitally on the computer (but can work on paper, with a brush, if I have to). The last step is the coloring, and when that’s finished I close the files and send them off. The computer has helped a lot—not only for the lettering, artwork, and color, but also with research, sending files, and communication—although for me the basis of all comic art is still in the pencil and sketching process.

Things You Didn't Know About Sam:

  1. I’m a vegetarian.
  2. I became a father for the first time in 2010.
  3. I would like to someday move back to a small town.

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