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Sue Purkiss

As a child

I read hugely as a child and was often told off for having my head 'stuck in a book’. I liked writing and was firmly convinced that I could write a novel – but somehow I never quite got round to it until recently. As a child, I was tall and gawky and totally useless at sport. I liked drawing and made up stories about the people I drew – but I have to admit, I was really more interested in the clothes I put on them!

As an adult

I did English at university: the university part was fine – the English part wasn't. After I'd finished, it was several years before I could actually pick up a book and enjoy it again. I taught English for quite a long time, alongside looking after my three children when they were small. But then it seemed like time for a change, and now I work with young offenders half the week and write the other half – brilliant!

As an artist

I've previously written three short, funny books. I like to work with no one else around, which is tricky as the computer is in the middle of the living room. But I will soon have a log cabin in the garden and that will be wonderful!

Things you didn't know about Sue Purkiss

  1. I was born with six fingers on each hand so may possibly be a witch.
  2. I hate heights and spiral staircases. Even motorway flyovers are bad.
  3. I love toast.
  4. We have a brilliant dog called Jessie who is very frightened of hot air balloons.
  5. I love lemon meringue pie. And carrot cake.
  6. Blue is probably my favourite colour.
  7. I like walking in hills (but see number two on the list!).
  8. I like drawing people, but they have to keep very, very still.
  9. I bought a bike to get fit, but have only used it three times. In three years.
  10. My dad was an expert on steam engines. I'm not, but I still like them.

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