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Zoë Ingram

As a child

I was born in Edinburgh, Scotland and lived there until I ventured off to college. I was always outside playing with my friends, bikes, hula hoops, scooters. There were a lot of other children living nearby so we loved playing hide and seek, cops and robbers and many other fun games. There was a big park close by so climbing trees and making tree houses was another favourite. I had a huge dressing-up box with lots of my mum’s old clothes and shoes and my friends and I had no worries about getting dressed up and parading around outside in our glad rags. I was always drawing too. I can remember the first time I coloured neatly within the lines of a colouring book. I was so proud. I also spent countless hours making up my own fashion illustrations.

As an adult

After studying art at numerous classes in Edinburgh, I moved to Galashiels in the Scottish Borders to study printed textile design. I was really drawn to illustrating stories or books that I’d read within my textile work so I guess my interest in illustration really began then but at that point I didn’t realize that illustration was an option. I love the decorative nature of textiles and pattern. Upon graduating I moved into graphic design and worked in design for many years covering corporate reporting right through to web design. It all stood me in good stead and helped me to realize that my love is illustrating. I have spent the past 9 years living in Australia but have just returned to Scotland. Vastly different countries in every way but both beautiful and have lots to offer.

As an illustrator

I have just moved into a new house so I’m in the process of setting up my new studio. I love working from home as it allows me freedom and quite importantly there are no constraints or pressures to produce during office hours. I can work at night when it’s quiet and peaceful or I can get up really early. I love the flexibility. I occasionally take myself off to a cafe to sketch or draw if I’m feeling blocked as a change of scenery usually helps me to move forward. Books that I have illustrated include: 20 Ways to Draw a Strawberry Draw 500 Fantastic Foods Scratch and Draw Patterns Scratch and Draw Botanicals The Last Message Received Press Out and Colour Birds Press Out and Colour Butterflies Thankfulness to Color Wise Words to Color America the Beautiful to Color Believe: An Artists Coloring Book My First Book of Birds Garden Stew

Ten things we didn’t know about Zoe Ingram:

  1. I love Mexican food!
  2. My favourite things to paint are birds and flowers.
  3. I have a big, hairy, silly dog called Murphy.
  4. I used to be a ballroom and Latin American dancer.
  5. My least favourite food is haggis!
  6. I have an amazing memory.
  7. My favourite thing is spending time with my two daughters.
  8. I love making cakes and love looking at photos of amazingly decorated cakes. I might take a cake decorating class.
  9. I lived in Adelaide, Australia for 9 years and my 9 year old daughter has never seen real snow before.
  10. I have a massive collection of books. I use my books for reference and inspiration.

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