Triskellion: The Quest Begins....


In the Triskellion books you can join twins Rachel and Adam in the search for the Triskellion amulets, brought to Earth millions of years ago by visitors from outer space. In Triskellion: The Gathering, the hunt for the final Triskellion turns deadly, as a story that began in a far distant place ends high above the streets of New York City, and the power of the Triskellion is finally unleashed…



It has come to our attention that there is still one Triskellion out there! Enter the Triskellion Quest at, watch the video clues and collect the amulets for your chance to win an iPod touch, iTunes vouchers and a signed set of books. Plus, get bonus content! Complete the Quest successfully and you’ll receive an exclusive Amulet Finder certificate and a free eBook download of Triskellion, Book 1*



You can check out the cool Triskellion TV advert on Nickelodeon from 6 – 19 April; take a sneak peek here at and if you like it, pass it on to your friends!


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Good luck in your quest!



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  • 12/04/2010