A Walk Through the Rainforest

By Martin Jenkins

Illustrated by Vicky White

A spectacular tour of the Taman Negara rainforest, with a convincing, affecting case to make – underscored by extraordinary illustrations.

Tropical rainforests are amazing places. More kinds of animals and plants live in them than live anywhere else in the world. This one is in Malaysia, in South East Asia. Let's go and take a look... So begins this magnificent new book from conservation-biologist Martin Jenkins and fine artist Vicky White, the award-winning team behind Can We Save the Tiger? and Ape. The breathtakingly-detailed illustrations are packed with life, from hornbills to gibbons, bats and the much-loved Asian Elephant, while the conversational text expertly weaves in complex biology to show young readers both how life in the jungle is intrinsically linked, and why we must work to protect it. With a powerful environmental message, this is a tour de force from two remarkable talents – and a perfect choice for fans of Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris' The Lost Words, or Ben Rothery's Hidden Planet.

Categories: Non-Fiction

For readers aged: 6+

  • Publication details:
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781529518542
  • Published: 06 Jun 2024
  • Price: £7.99
  • Size: 270 x 225 mm
  • Pages: 48

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Customer reviews


'Stunningly Illustrated throughout, this is a reminder of the breath of life in the jungle and why we need to protect it.' The Bookseller

'Martin Jenkins is at his narrative non-fiction best, and Vicky White’s accompanying photo-real pencil illustrations have to be seen to be believed.' CLPE, "October New Books Roundup"

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