Leif the Unlucky Viking: Saga of the Shooting Star: eBook (Reflowable)

By Gary Northfield

An hilarious new illustrated chapter book series featuring the hapless adventures of Leif the Unlucky Viking wolf pup, from the creator of the hugely popular Julius Zebra books!

Leif is not unlucky. Yes, he does split his trousers at least once a week. And yes, he's always tripping up and falling down a hole. But he’s determined to become a true Viking hero, just like his dad. Can he unravel the riddles of a witch to find a magical shard of rock that has fallen from a shooting star and wield its mystical powers? He will have to journey deep into the heart of polar bear country, outwitting all kinds of mythological creatures along the way. Thankfully, he has Olaf, the annoying duck, Toki, the nincompoop Puffin, and Flora, the incredibly smelly Muskox, for company. He's going to need all the luck he can get!

Categories: Ebooks

For readers aged: 7+

  • Publication details:
  • Format: Reflowable
  • ISBN: 9781406396850
  • Published: 03 Aug 2023
  • Price: £7.99
  • Pages: 320

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Customer reviews


'Highly illustrated, slyly clever hilarity for Norse lovers of 8+.' Guardian

'A laugh-out-loud epic adventure. Bonkers and brilliant!'

'A visually joyous, effortlessly hilarious epic of dogs, ducks, Vikings and magic!'

'Always down but never out, Leif is another amazing creation from Northfield’s neverending bag of tricks. Complete with a hilarious bunch of friends, Leif the Unlucky Viking should come with a snigger warning - your sides will hurt from laughter. I’ve no idea how Northfield’s mind works; long may it continue!!' Courttia Newland

'Northfield presents Leif’s adventures in a combination of text and cartoons, with dialogue literally put in characters mouths, making for an exciting read that reluctant readers ready to move on from fully illustrated graphic novels, such as Dogman, will find engaging.' Irish Times

'A hilarious book with a lot of equally hilarious illustrations.' NetGalley Reviewer

'[Gary Northfield] has taken a Viking Saga (they liked those), some mythical objects (always a great idea) added them into the mix with Leif and hey presto… An anarchic and farcical adventure awaits.' Armadillo Magazine

'Prepare for one calamity after another as you laugh your way through this tempestuous tale, liberally illustrated with Gary Northfield’s comic book style drawings that serve to render his writing even more anarchic than ever. Utterly and absurdly brilliant.' Red Reading Hub

'This story has everything a young reader could possible want. The illustrations are brilliant and really help bring this book to life and are visually joyous. It is perfect for fans of the Loki series by Louie Stowell and Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney fans. It will make a wonderful addition to any upper primary school library/classroom and be a wonderful class read. Leif the Unlucky Viking is a Viking saga like I have never read before but had me smiling from beginning to end.' Little Blog of Library Treasures

'This is a helter-skelter, madcap adventure that is peppered throughout with wonderful drawings by the author that add a comic-book touch to the whole package and which add hugely to the fun.' The Letterpress Project

'Noah enjoyed the fun, irreverent style of this book. Noah is a very confident reader but also enjoys reading books with a cartoon style and lots of visual elements, so he loved the fact that this book really captured that. I imagine it would be a good choice for a reluctant reader or a reader who lacks confidence as there isn't a daunting amount of text and the illustrations help to tell the story.”'

'I absolutely loved this book, I will be looking for more books written by this author' Toppsta Reviewer, age 11

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