Never Trust a Gemini

By Freja Nicole Woolf

Star-crazed, star-crossed – and starting to fall in love. Meet Cat Phillips: chaotic teen lesbian and self-confessed clown...

Life is fraught for fourteen-year-old, zodiac-obsessed Cat. First there’s a minor bus-meets-girl accident, then there’s a boy-next-door suitor who can’t take a hint, but the most desperate disaster of all is Cat’s crush on the stunning and poetic Alison Bridgewater. According to their star charts, Cat and Alison are the perfect match. To which Alison (woe alas!) remains oblivious. But when the dangerously cool Morgan Delaney wades into the river to save Cat's sketchbook of kissing Disney princesses, she sends Cat’s stars spinning. Can Cat get over her Alison obsession and follow her heart towards Morgan? Or should she exercise caution? After all, Morgan is a Gemini, and if there’s one thing Cat’s Bible to the Stars has taught her it’s that you can never – ever – trust a Gemini… “A sweet funny romantic comedy about a girl who likes girls” Jacqueline Wilson

Categories: Fiction

For readers aged: 12+

  • Publication details:
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781529509991
  • Published: 01 Jun 2023
  • Price: £7.99
  • Size: 198 x 129 mm
  • Pages: 320

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Customer reviews


'"A sweet funny romantic comedy about a girl who likes girls"' Jacqueline Wilson

'“Cat Phillips is the hilarious, no filter, impossible-not-to-root-for heroine we’ve all been waiting for. Pure joy from start to finish!”' Lisa Willamson

'A feelgood LGBTQ+ romantic comedy with a fresh, joyful energy. […]Woolf brilliantly captures the chaos of early teen life with relatable characters and a girl gang echoing that of Louise Rennison’s Georgia Nicolson series.' Observer

'This LOL-some LGBTQ+ romcom teems with crushes, cringes and a match that might just be made in astrological heaven […] The first book in what’s set up to be a fresh and funny new series, Freja Nicole Woolf’s Never Trust a Gemini debut dishes up a feast of feel-good fun and swoon-some romance. [...] With unrequited love expressed in all its achy, pangy pain, and impossibly cool Gemini Morgan adding to Cat’s complications, Never Trust a Gemini is a terrific blend of humour and relatable teenage troubles, with an ending that’ll leave readers desperate for the next book.' LoveReading4Kids

'Celebrates LGBTQ+ romance, as well as the joys and complications that go with being 14, and is hilariously funny to boot.' The Bookseller

'Never Trust a Gemini is an excellent teenage romcom that I would recommend to anyone, but especially to fans of Heartstopper, looking for something similar with a Sapphic focus.' Paper Lanterns

'This charming, funny romantic comedy about a girl who likes girls is packed with awkward moments, sticky situations and complex characters. Exploring the challenging dynamics of teen friendship groups and the politics of popularity, most 12+ readers, whether gay, straight or non-binary, will see reflections of many of Cat’s experiences in their own lives.' BookTrust

'In Freya Nicole Wolf’s Never Trust A Gemini we are treated to a cosmic comedy, LGBTQ+ debut which expertly captures every aspect of the drama, dilemmas, crushes and cringeworthy moments that a teen, especially a teen girl, is likely to experience.' Armadillo Magazine

'This reads like a teenage LGBQT version of the Bridget Jones' Diary. […] I love the writing style of the author. The protagonist reminds me of my teenage self. I can just picture how my students can identify with her because of the way that she talks / writes in the book.' NetGalley Reviewer

'A heart-warming, uplifting and all kinds of joyous read that will leave you smiling well after the final page.' NetGalley Reviewer

'Gooseberries, this is a funny book full of quirky phrases, teenage antics and the joy of first love. […] a funny LGBTQ+ romance for the YA market that will appeal to those looking for a light-hearted escape that will leave a warm glow in your heart.' K and O Bonkers About Books

'Never Trust a Gemini is a funny romp through the age of fourteen, featuring a chaotic lesbian disaster of a main character, teens being messy and imperfect (and learning), and just in general, a plot that keeps you entertained. It was a book that I wholeheartedly enjoyed reading.' NetGalley Reviewer

'Its nice to see more LGBTQ books about girls and not just boys.' Toppsta

'Another good book about being different which I can relate to. I feel this style of story is so important for teenagers to read so they can understand they aren’t alone. There is also a comic element to the story which I loved' Toppsta

'I would recommend this book for ages 11+ it is a really good book and you should read it.' Toppsta

'A real little piece of escapism' Toppsta

'Cat is really funny and this is really relatable to teenage life. Some parts are a little cringy when you can almost predict the outcome that is coming but they are funny cringy.' Toppsta Reviewer, age 15

'I really enjoyed this book as it is a real life LGBTQ+ story (my sort of thing). [...] I recommend this book for people 11+.' Toppsta

'A good book for my school library, as most of my LGBTQ+ romcom books seem to be about boys! Recommended reading age: 12+' Toppsta

'You, the reader, are placed at the center of Cat’s mind, reading all her thoughts, in this easy, enjoyable read, with no boring spots in between!!' Reading Matters Guide 2023

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