Nic Blake and the Remarkables: The Manifestor Prophecy

By Angie Thomas

Internationally bestselling superstar author Angie Thomas makes her middle grade debut with the launch of a contemporary fantasy trilogy inspired by African American history and folklore.

“Nothing short of a triumph.” Rick Riordan Perfect for fans of Amari and the Night Brothers, Onyeka and the Academy of the Sun and Nevermoor It’s not easy being a Remarkable in the Unremarkable world. Some things are cool — like getting a pet hellhound for your twelfth birthday. Others, not so much — like not being trusted to learn magic because you might use it to take revenge on an annoying neighbour. All Nic Blake wants is to be a powerful Manifestor like her dad. But before she has a chance to convince him to teach her the gift, a series of shocking revelations and terrifying events launch Nic and two friends on a hunt for a powerful magic tool she’s never heard of ... to save her father from imprisonment for a crime she refuses to believe he committed.

Categories: Fiction

For readers aged: 9+

  • Publication details:
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781529506549
  • Published: 04 Apr 2023
  • Price: £7.99
  • Size: 198 x 129 mm
  • Pages: 336

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Customer reviews


'Thomas’s first foray into middle-grade fiction is pacy, imaginative and layered with Black history, ideal for fans of Amari and the Night Brothers.' Guardian

'Populated with ghosts, vampires, and wand-wavers with a strong resemblance to the gun lobby, this accessible fantasy gives familiar elements a new context and is written with heart.' Sunday Times

'A thrilling magical world.' Times

'Witty and fun.' The Sun

'Publishing sensation Angie Thomas proved she could animate contemporary themes for younger readers as well.' The Guardian

'Featured in Kitty Empire's children's and teens roundup of the best new chapter books' Observer

'Alive with African American history and folklore, this first thrilling book in a fantasy series is remarkably innovative and inspirational.' Book of the Month April 2023, LoveReading4kids

'This wonderful fantasy adventure is told in Nic’s voice as she finds the power in herself.' The Week Junior

'The Manifestor Prophecy is engaging, intelligent fantasy that weaves Black American history with hugely exciting story.' One to Watch, the Bookseller

'Extraordinary characters and creatures, incredible world-building, family drama and amazing twists are woven with Black history – not just another ‘chosen one’ story!' Reading Matters Guide 2023

'Featured in "Ten Titles Not to Miss" for the Bookseller's Spring 2023 Buyer's Guide' the Bookseller

'An absolute rollercoaster of adventure which will leave you breathless.' K and O Bonkers About Books

'This book was perfection.' NetGalley Reviewer

'Absolutely fantastic. I adored everything about this. I don't often read middle grade, but this exceeded my expectations. Great characters, lovely world building. This series is definitely one I would recommend to everyone who is looking for a little escape.' NetGalley Reviewer

'A well paced vivid read.' NetGalley Reviewer

'This book gripped me from start to finish. […] It is current, fun and tells a marvelous tale.' NetGalley Reviewer

'Angie Thomas has smashed it out of the park with her middle grade debut!' NetGalley Reviewer

'An excellent read.' NetGalley Reviewer

'Angie Thomas' writing is pure artistry and so many children are going to be thrilled to recognise themselves in the lovingly crafted characters of Nic, JP & Alex.' NetGalley Reviewer

'I loved escaping into this magical world filled with family, friendships, prophecies and mythical creatures.' NetGalley Reviewer

'This was such a wholesome, fun adventure! It was gripping, engaging and action on every page.' NetGalley Reviewer

'Solid world building, great pacing, and some clever writing integrating some Black American History into this Middle Grade Fantasy plot.' NetGalley Reviewer

'A great magical adventure with cultural/historical references a-plenty.' NetGalley Reviewer

'The Manifestor Prophecy is a remarkable (pun intended), superbly written book with a wonderfully nuanced, diverse, and developed cast of characters. The book celebrates African American culture, history, and heritage while exploring complex themes and interpersonal relationships in an approachable manner. [...] a magnificent read. It's one of those important, but approachable books I could endlessly reread, analyze and write essays about. In addition, it is an enjoyable read for readers of all ages.' NetGalley Reviewer

'An original and inventive tale that breathes new life into a real mash-up of MG genres. […] Angie Thomas has certainly hit the ground running with a brilliantly relatable set of protagonists that many young readers will get a lot out of, in this book, and I hope in the sequels to follow! It is brilliant that she has been able to offer so many young people mirrors to view themselves in this book, the themes that are carefully woven through the storyline are superbly and carefully crafted to offer insight and representation [...] An absolute marvel of a magical melee with a fantastical cast of characters set across two parallel lands. Stunning and quite brilliant.' NetGalley Reviewer

'This is a stunning story of a magical world. […] I will be getting this book for school!' NetGalley Reviewer

'A very fun and magic-filled adventure that anyone who loves anything magical or urban fantasy will appreciate. […] I just know that any child that sees themselves represented in the pages of this story is going to absolutely love it […] I could tell Angie Thomas had a lot of fun writing this book, you could really feel it in the pages and with every new magical mishap that happens to our group of friends. This is a very fun start to what I think will be an exciting series.' NetGalley Reviewer

'A fun, mythical adventure.' NetGalley Reviewer

'It's Angie Thomas - of course it is brilliant. Best writer of dialogue ever!' Toppsta

'Well worth reading!' Toppsta

'This was a great book. […] The pace was fast and it was an exciting adventure. Definitely recommend.' Toppsta Reviewer, age 10

'A fantasy adventure full of excitement and magic.' Toppsta Reviewer, age 10

'This is a bold novel, with the promise of two more to come which has lots to enjoy. The use of African American folklore yields some strong characters […] There’s some crackling dialogue and a lot of humour.' Books for Keeps

'This gripping fast-paced story will appeal to those readers who enjoy the notion of co-existing worlds with the darker elements of demons, magic and shapeshifters. Nik is a likeable protagonist and there is plenty of humour which sits alongside the action. Broken families is a strong theme as Nic meets her unknown brother and below the plot, Thomas seeks to set out how black people have been treated both historically and currently.' Read for Good

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