Peter and the Starcatchers: eBook (Reflowable ePub)

By Dave Barry, Ridley Pearson

The New York Times bestselling prequel to J. M. Barrie's beloved classic Peter Pan.

Discover the origins of Peter Pan in this swashbuckling tale! When Peter, along with his fellow orphans, boards the Never Land, it is only the start of his adventures. Befriending Molly, he discovers a treasure chest of starstuff – the most magical substance ever known to man. Peter and Molly must stop it falling into the hands of a dastardly (but eerily familiar) pirate and his murderous crew. Shipwrecked, helped by mermaids, captured by savages and attacked by a giant crocodile – will they ever succeed?

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For readers aged: 9+

  • Publication details:
  • Format: Reflowable
  • ISBN: 9781406354768
  • Published: 21 Nov 2013
  • Price: £7.99

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Customer reviews


'An exciting and absorbing story, sailing across choppy waters at breakneck speed ... Fantastic fun.' The Guardian

'A rip-roaring pirate-filled adventure with a great sense of old-time storytelling.' The Funday Times

'Peter Pan fans will find much to like in a what-if scenario that plays respectful tribute to the original.' Publisher's Weekly

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