Stitch: eBook (Reflowable ePub)

By Pádraig Kenny

A compelling, atmospheric Frankenstein-inspired adventure by an award-winning Irish author.

Stitch and his friend Henry Oaf were brought to life by the genius Professor Hardacre. But when his wicked nephew takes over the laboratory, they soon discover that his sights are set on Henry as his next experiment. Can Stitch and Henry escape his clutches and make their way in a world they were never built for – and may only ever see them as monsters? Literary yet accessible, warm-hearted yet chillingly gothic, this beautiful short novel explores themes of life and death, friendship and acceptance – all through a page-turning adventure about what it means to be human.

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For readers aged: 9+

  • Publication details:
  • Format: Reflowable
  • ISBN: 9781529520507
  • Published: 04 Jan 2024
  • Price: £7.99
  • Pages: 208

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Customer reviews


'This exceptional short novel is indebted to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein… This adventure, with danger, a chase and daring deeds, is skillfully told, convincingly evoked and structured with revelations that compel you to read on. It has clarity, pathos and humour and above all it makes us care about the characters and their connection to each other.' Children's Book of the Week, The Sunday Times

'A stunning Frankenstein spin-off… It is a fast-paced adventure, throughout which Kenny’s simple prose and short, cliff-hanger chapters… will keep even less confident readers on tenterhooks… Kenny brilliantly captures the pathos of Shelley’s novel.' The Daily Telegraph

'Thought-provoking and heartwarming, this humane tale is beautifully and simply written.' Daily Mail

'This spooky adventure explores some big, thought-provoking questions about being different from other people and what it means to be human.' The Week Junior

'Kenny’s revisiting of Frankenstein is a poignant, deeply rewarding Gothic story for 9+.' The Guardian

'Reinvigorating the Frankenstein story for a younger generation… Kenny shines in creating well-rounded, tender characters that are endlessly loveable. With effective world-building, captivating imagery, and fun wordplay, this is a modern classic in the making.' Irish Examiner

'Resilience and empathy are key themes in Pádraig Kenny’s latest novel… There are many powerful themes explored through the various characters in Kenny’s sophisticated novel: most effectively the idea of difference and what it means to be a good friend. Kenny has lots of fun crafting the language of his “excitabubble” man-made protagonists too, with prose popping in short chapters that will widen the writer’s usual appeal to a slightly younger age group.' Irish TImes

'Everything you'd want a Frankenstein-inspired children's book to be: a thrilling gothic adventure, brimming with heart and bursting with big questions. I loved it.'

'In a lightning-storm of beautiful writing, Pádraig Kenny brings his extraordinary cast of characters to perfect, charming life. A marvellously delicate parable of friendship and compassion, Stitch is witty, elegant and profound.'

'This mesmerizing new gothic adventure will be an instant favourite for fans of the best selling author of Tin and the Monsters of Rookhaven… The message, about tolerance, acceptance and kindness, is not hammered home, but it can’t fail to sink in' The Big Issue

'“Pádraig Kenny writes these strange characters as heartwarming personalities, with a creepy atmosphere always lurking in the background… This book is packed with exciting incidents, from experiments in the castle to adventures in the nearby forest. Kenny’s clever use of language shines in Stitch’s vocabulary, which is populated with amusing embellished language, with words like ‘horribubble’ and ‘scientificacious’ popping off the page. Pádraig Kenny is a master at creating these worlds of fantastical characters that the reader will grow attached to. Stitch is another great addition, showing the importance of taking a second look and not judging others on first appearances.”' Inis Magazine, Children's Books Ireland

'This re-imagining of Frankenstein, like Guy Bass’s Stitch Head for slightly younger children, provides a lot to think about and to feel – most importantly empathy. It is for confident readers, or a whole class read, and should leave readers considering how they might treat strangers, or people who look different to them.' BookTrust NI

'A fantastic story and an important one with underlying themes of friendship, grief and owning being different.' NetGalley Reviewer

'This beautiful story explores friendship, grief and the lesson that we are all different. I was a little emotional at the end of this book.' NetGalley Reviewer

'It's set in the backdrop of a creepy castle with a mad professor, but the story is about more than that. I will 100% be recommending this book to my class when it's released.' NetGalley Reviewer

'It has so much depth, so much heart. It doesn't beat around the bush, it shows humanity in its best and worse forms, and really asks questions of the reader that those of a younger age may not have considered before.' NetGalley Reviewer

'I really enjoyed this charming and engaging tale… The story touches upon some wonderful themes, such as the enduring power of courage, truth and kindness.' NetGalley Reviewer

'A delightfully thought provoking and profound gothic re-interpretation of Frankenstein, but for young children of 8 years and above… emotional themes of love, friendship, grief, not going by appearances, prejudice, the need for differences, and what it is to be human are enthrallingly and sensitively explored. A marvellous book.' NetGalley Reviewer

'Once again Pádraig Kenny produces a brilliant story about people’s differences, human nature and kindness.' NetGalley Reviewer

'This is a unique story, taking a familiar legend and turning it into something very special… Acceptance, differences and friendship are celebrated throughout this wonderful story. The author has a sense of the macabre from all his stories and these are written with beauty and a sense of wonder.' My Shelves Are Full

'Frankenstein meets Of Mice and Men! And [Pádraig] executes it brilliantly, as always… Padraig's writing is wonderful and keeps the focus on the humanity of the inhumans. There's a great adventure story here too, and I was excited as I followed it.' Read and Reviewed

'Hugely imaginative, thought-provoking, exciting and written with the most enormous empathy, this is a gorgeous gothic read that has left me with a huge book hangover… A perfect class read or independent read for confident readers in Year 4 upwards. It will also appeal enormously to those readers in upper KS2 who have yet to gain the stamina for longer reads and would make a fabulous lead in to the author’s other books.' World's Smallest Library

'Stitch is beautifully written... It is a deceptively simple story… I would use it in class to look into deeper meaning of text as well as the big concepts of difference and humanity.' ReadingZone

'Exploring difference, prejudice, acceptance and what it means to be human, this is such a powerful, highly accessible fable with gothic chills running through it.' Red Reading Hub

'Kenny has created a fantastic cast of characters who each have something to teach the other and the dialogue and interactions between the irrepressible Henry, worldly Alice and sweet Stitch help the reader explore the big topics in this novel from very different viewpoints… A powerful, poignant and thought-provoking story, perfect for readers aged 9+.' My Book Corner

'Stitch is a powerful journey of friendship, loyalty, acceptance and understanding. Through the innocent eyes of Stitch, the reader is prompted to consider what it means to be different… Padraig Kenny has, yet again, written a beautiful story with wonderful, noble characters whose untainted view of the world serves as a resounding message to all.' ReadingZone

'Stitch is a fabulous gothic adventure novel… Stitch is beautifully written and conveys its very important messages in a highly readable way. It is not a long book, but in the hands of this talented author not a single word is wasted.' Readingzone

'A very likeable character on a journey of discovery to what is outside the castle life he is accustomed to. This book is well written and I enjoyed reading it with my son, he really enjoyed it too and will be looking at other books from this Author.' Toppsta Reviewer, reading with a 7 year old

'I really liked Stitch because even though he looks like a monster, he's really nice. And Henry is funny and a good friend. The story made me feel happy, sad, and sometimes worried, but it all turned out okay in the end. If you like stories about cool creatures, adventures, and friendships, you should totally read Stitch. It's awesome!' Toppsta Reviewer, age 11

'A warm and touching story of what it means to be human.' The Letterpress Project

'A very likeable character on a journey of discovery to what is outside the castle life he is accustomed to. This book is well written and I enjoyed reading it with my son.' Toppsta Reviewer

'I loved Stitch. It was a great book… I would say that this book is an adventure. A adventure where you learn lots of important things along the way.' Toppsta reviewer, age 9

'This beautiful short novel explores themes of life and death, friendship and acceptance - all through a page-turning adventure about what it means to be human.' RTÉ Guide

'A clever and surprisingly warm tale inspired by Frankenstein… This is a beautifully written book; each word carefully chosen; each sentence lovingly put together.' Irish Independent

'Those of eight and up will enjoy Stitch, and they may also be prompted to try its progenitor.' Literary Review

'Elegant and beautifully written this is a charming Frankenstein-esque tale about forging friendships, loyalty and finding a place to call home.' Books for Keeps

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