The Dream Train: Poems for Bedtime

By Sean Taylor

Illustrated by Anuska Allepuz

From Sean Taylor, the author of Hoot Owl, Master of Disguise, and the illustrator of Little Green Donkey, Anuska Allepuz, comes a stunning original bedtime poetry collection to comfort, inspire and reassure little children.

From best-selling picture book author, Sean Taylor, comes his first ever poetry collection for children. The Dream Train is a handsome new collection of original bedtime poetry perfect for sharing whilst tucked up in bed. Filled with 30 warm, joyful and atmospheric poems of every kind – from the funny to the gentle, from the surprising to the lyrical – each capture the experience of falling or being asleep, in a pure, emotional way and celebrates the wonderful, busy, imaginative minds of little children. Some poems read like a soothing mantra, helping lull small ones to sleep, others will plant a seed of inspiration to take children bravely and boldly into the next day. This gift of a book takes young readers on a visual and imaginative journey into dreamland, and beyond, and showcases the incredibly rich and inviting artwork of Anuska Allepuz.

Categories: Poetry Anthology

For readers aged: 2+

  • Publication details:
  • Format: Hardback
  • ISBN: 9781406387902
  • Published: 03 Nov 2022
  • Price: £14.99
  • Size: 288 x 260 mm
  • Pages: 88

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Customer reviews


'This collection of poems is full of reassurance and magic. It evokes quiet and rest and happy dreams, and its illustrations are cosy and soft. Its soothing rhythms and many visual and verbal ideas — from the sound of rain to the presence of love around you — all tend to make sleep irresistible.' 'Watch Out For', Sunday Times

'An original collection for the very young, featuring funny, gentle, surprising and lyrical poems about going to bed.' The Bookseller

'The range of styles and moods offered by these poems makes the collection an excellent starting point for developing a child’s love of poetry. […] There is plenty to explore on each spread, imaginative details to enjoy and stories to tell. ‘The Dream Train’ would make a stunning gift to treasure and share through- and for- generations.' Through the Bookshelf

'[…]this collection of bedtime poems is perfect for sharing. From the funny to the lyrical, each capture the experience of falling asleep or dreaming. The imaginative illustrations add whimsy and wonder to the package.' WRD Magazine

'warm, joyful and atmospheric poems of every kind - from the funny to the gentle, from the surprising to the lyrical - capturing the experience of falling or being asleep in a pure, emotional way.' Booktime

'Anuska Allepuz’s illustrations are a visual treat: their subtle, muted shades and soft focus pastels give a dreamlike quality as befits the overall theme of the book. Add to family bookshelves if you have a young child.' Red Reading Hub

'A lovely poetry book which will be adored and cherished by many children and parents and will be looked at it again and again!' The Strawberry Post

'This gift of a book takes readers on a visual and imaginative journey into dreamland, and beyond.' Scope for Imagination

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