The Great Fox Heist

By Justyn Edwards

The stakes are high in this fast-paced mystery adventure starring young magician Flick Lions. The second book in the Great Fox series.

How well do you really know someone...? Flick is a magician who needs answers. Her father is still missing, and top illusionist the Great Fox doesn't seem interested in finding him, despite his promises. Meanwhile, she and her friend Charlie must represent the Great Fox in a new competition in the Swiss town of Linth. The Global Order of Magic is electing a new chancellor, and the Fox insists that if he wins, it will help – but Flick isn't so sure. Determined to solve the mystery of her father's disappearance and of The Bell System, his greatest and most mysterious magic trick, Flick must pull off an impossible diamond heist to win. But danger lurks around every corner, and nothing is what it seems.

Categories: Fiction

For readers aged: 9+

  • Publication details:
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781529501957
  • Published: 06 Apr 2023
  • Price: £7.99
  • Size: 198 x 129 mm
  • Pages: 304

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Customer reviews


'“Justyn Edwards really knows how to build a gripping narrative, like a tower of cards, using 'sleight of writing hand' to surprise you and thrill you. […] This is such a cracking, original series that will keep children hooked and hankering for answers.' Chris Soul

'Quirky fast paced story telling that may help to encourage reluctant readers.' NetGalley Reviewer

'A wonderfully written, exciting tale full of magic and mystery. The characters are lovable and it is a pleasure to follow them in their adventures throughout this story.' NetGalley Reviewer

'The Great Fox Heist is a thrilling adventure that will keep you guessing; loyalties are tested and questions are definitely raised. With twists that will leave you reeling, I promise that this is a sequel that is even better than the first book and one that will leave you desperately hoping that there will be a book 3.' K and O Bonkers about Books

'It's a magician's job to make you doubt but there is no doubt The Great Fox Heist is an absolutely outstanding sequel! […] These are books for active readers - those who want to analyse every clue. Readers have the chance to solve the mystery right along with the characters and work out the illusions as they happen.' NetGalley Reviewer

'Full of magic, mystery and adventure about family and friendship and you will not want to put it down.' Little Blog of Library Treasures

'You’ll find yourself on the edge of your seat as the danger for Flick ramps up page by page and she’ll find herself and her friendships tested to the max.' The Letterpress Project

'Through his fabulous writing and clear specialist knowledge of illusions, Justyn Edwards ensured that as before I was unable to work out how the tricks were pulled off and could not see how the plot was going to develop, making this one of my favourite books of the year so far – one I urge you to treat yourself to if you haven’t already.' World's Smallest Library

'With danger lurking everywhere, loyalties are tested and the final twist will make you gasp. A fascinating and enthralling read.' Red Reading Hub

'This fast-paced mystery adventure is full of magical misdirection and distraction. […] The Great Fox Heist, is cleverly written with a well-crafted plot that builds up the tension.' Much To Do About Writing

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