The Magician Next Door

By Rachel Chivers Khoo

Illustrated by Alice McKinley

A magical adventure for readers of 7+ about a flying house and the power of friendship from the author of The Wishkeeper's Apprentice

Where will the magic take you? Late one night a flying house crash-lands in ten-year-old Callie's garden. It is the home of magician Winnifred and all of her magical artefacts. Winnifred asks for Callie's help finding her lost Wanderdust – until she realizes it is Callie's sadness that is causing of her malfunctioning magic. With Winnifred's most precious magical possessions at risk from malicious fairies and dangerous giants, can Callie and her friend Sam find the Wanderdust in time to save the magician?

Categories: Fiction

For readers aged: 7+

  • Publication details:
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781529507911
  • Published: 07 Mar 2024
  • Price: £6.99
  • Size: 180 x 129 mm
  • Pages: 208

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Customer reviews


'“A charming story brimming with magic and wonder.”' Hannah Gold

'Original, exciting and full of warmth, magic and heart, this is a tale that will sweep you away.' Sinéad O’Hart

'“Sparkling with magic and heartfelt wonder, The Magician Next Door kept me smiling from cover to cover. Set amid the mystical wilds of Northern Ireland, Callie's quest to help a magician-in-need is a story to cherish.”' Jennifer Bell

'A thrilling and magical adventure story, with just the right amount of threat for younger children.' Irish Independent

'Excellent writing brings the reader into the world, and the magical sections are fun and exciting. Short, engaging chapters make this a good book for newly independent readers. The text is broken up with lots of decorative elements, as well as many warm and energetic full-page illustrations, helping readers to feel part of the story.' Inis Magazine, Children's Books Ireland

'“Charming, heart-warming and fantastical. A gorgeous story about the importance of friendship and the magic of the memories we carry within us.”' Mel Taylor-Bessent

'“A delightful, warm hug of a story for fans of cosy magic and wild adventure.”' Aisha Bushby

'“A heart-warming hug of a book about what it means to be home. I loved it.”' Hannah Moffatt

'“The Magician Next Door is utterly charming. I was swept away by Callie's adventure and really cared for the characters as their story unfolded. This is storytelling at its magical best.”' Jenny McLachlan

'“The Magician Next Door is an absolute modern classic – cosy and full of delights, with a beautifully drawn landscape and real emotional heart. The magician herself is a brilliant new magical friend for children – I want to hang out with Winnifred and eat takeaway with her! I drank up this book, and loved every second of reading. A complete and utter joy.”' Zohra Nabi

'“Filled to the brim with charm and adventure, The Magician Next Door is a heart-warming tale with friendship at its very heart. I adored every page.”' Laura Noakes

'“The Magician Next Door is witty, cosy and heart-warming, and the perfect combination of sad and funny. It felt like being wrapped in a warm blanket of a magical bedtime story!”' Iona Rangeley

'The Magician Next Door is a charming, magical tale about what home – that most precious of words – truly means. Filled with heart, humour and adventure, this is a warm hug of a story – the kind where you're still smiling even as you turn the last page.' J.J. Arcanjo

'A really good book about a girl with homesickness and my favourite bit is when Callie realises that your home is about the people and not about where you live. I've never read any other books by this author but I would definitely recommend this book.' NetGalley Reviewer

'Rachel Chivers Khoo writes a charming magical story… A brilliant and heartwarming story about moving, making friends and understanding that your home is where your heart and people are!' NetGalley reviewer

'Rachel has a unique way in blending emotional vulnerabilities with magic. It is this combination that can help children feel more open about their feelings as the whole process becomes magical.' NetGalley Reviewer

'I finished this in less than an hour, and my heart felt really warm after finishing it… This book was wholesome, whimsical, and magical in the way that tugs my heart. I would've loved to read this book when I was younger... it did remind of my other childhood series such as Rainbow Magic and The Bliss Bakery.' NetGalley Reviewer

'[...] full of fun magical elements and whimsy it also deals with some difficult themes like grief and belonging in an age-appropriate way [...] There are some lovely, tender moments of reflection and positive life-affirming messages built into the story too."' NetGalley Reviewer

'This is an exciting children’s book with nice, complementary artwork... A fantasy story of magic and mayhem, of finding your feet as a child in a new place, and of discovery... It’s full fun and action.' NetGalley Reviewer

'Another great story for newly confident readers age 7-9 by Rachel Chivers Khoo.' NetGalley Reviewer

'This story deals with big and relatable issues, such as grief, moving house and old and new friendships. And yet Rachel Chivers Khoo wraps these themes up in a captivating and immersive story that crackles with magic. The result is a rollercoaster ride of imagination, adventure, peril and emotion.' NetGalley Reviewer

'The Magician Next Door features a child living with grief and looking for a new sense of belonging and as such, amongst the giggles, there are some lovely, tender moments of reflection and lots of life-affirming messaging.' NetGalley Reviewer

'A fun adventure for younger readers.' NetGalley Reviewer

'This is a charming, magical story with a powerful message about belonging… There are lovely themes on dealing with grief and home being carried around with you - as well as an actual magical house! The illustrations throughout the book really lift the story, as do the magical adverts and recipe at the end.' NetGalley Reviewer

'[Rachel Chivers Khoo] has woven the most magical of tales.' Armadillo Magazine

'We read this book together and really enjoyed every magical page of the story… Great colourful characters and a magical tale to entrance readers of every age, nan's and grandchildren alike!' Toppsta Reviewer, age 7

'This book is magical inside and out. The illustrations on the cover and throughout the story make this such a great book to enjoy together at bedtime as a family… It is heartwarming and full of adventure and hope which we all loved.' Toppsta Reviewer

'Full of wonderment from start to finish… I read this to my mixed year 3 and 4 class who sat breathlessly throughout. Brilliant read for age 7+' Toppsta Reviewer

'What a delightful read. I was transported into the pages straight away and read from start to end in four hours.' Toppsta Reviewer

'Brilliant story that will transport you on a magical adventure with brave and caring characters. The story is full of friendship, magic and adventure. The illustrations add a touch of fun from start to finish. I couldn't put it down.' Toppsta Reviewer

'“A thrilling and magical adventure story, with just the right amount of threat for younger children. A magical Easter holiday read.”' Irish Independent

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