You Are History: From the Alarm Clock to the Toilet, the Amazing History of the Things You Use Every Day

By Greg Jenner

Illustrated by Jenny Taylor

From the alarm clock to the toilet, discover the incredible history all around you in this hilarious and fascinating book from popular historian and podcaster Greg Jenner.

Thought history was only in museums? Think again! Join Greg Jenner as he takes you on a trip through the amazing history hidden in the things you use every day. Did you know that the first TV was made out of biscuit tins and knitting needles? Or that the humble paperclip helped lead an anti-war movement? Or that a few hundred years ago it was fashionable to style your hair with cat poo?! Find out the delightful, daft and downright deadly history of your everyday life that your teachers won’t tell you about. Bursting with humorous illustrations and entertaining true stories, this is history – but not as you know it!

Categories: Non-Fiction

For readers aged: 7+

  • Publication details:
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781529523003
  • Published: 02 May 2024
  • Price: £10.99
  • Size: 276 x 207 mm
  • Pages: 144

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Customer reviews


'Full of hilarious true stories and fascinating, unexpected facts, this book is brilliant for history fans.' The Week Junior

'Colourful illustrations and terrible groan-worthy jokes make it perfect to dip into. Thanks to Jenner’s ability to make history digestible, any child reading it will soon be quoting facts to amaze their family and friends. 8/10' Children's book of the Week, Independent - syndicated in the Herald (Scotland), East Anglian Daily Times, Express and Star Wolverhampton

'hilarious and fascinating […] Full of fun, you’ll never know you’re learning cool stuff.' WRD Magazine

'Bursting with facts, true stories, and humorous illustrations by Jenny Taylor, it brings history into the here and now.' Booktime

'For those who love telling facts: You Are History by Greg Jenner Filled with brilliant tales of the everyday objects that surround us – from paperclips to biscuit tins – this is the perfect book for post-dinner Christmas Day facts.' Stylist, 'Christmas Gift Guide for Book Lovers'

'[Greg Jenner] succeeds brilliantly in demonstrating to children how interconnected the world is, and this is a book to spark their imaginations and stimulate their curiosity. Super enjoyable indeed.' Books for Keeps

'If the words weren’t amusing enough, the fantastic illustrations will have you laughing out loud.' Primary Times

'Featured in the Bookseller's November children's previews' Bookseller

'You are History is a must for KS2 class and school libraries. It covers many different time periods so it can be used to read aloud to children during a history topic or simply to share whenever a free moment arises.' Just Imagine

'A great book for younger historians to help develop their knowledge.' Toppsta Reviewer

'Packed full of quirky information!' Toppsta Reviewer

'My 7 year old daughter learnt so many facts from this book it's well laid out and easy to understand with plenty of colourful illustrations.' Toppsta Reviewer

'I would definitely recommend this book if you like to read and know about interesting facts.' Emsy (age 8), Toppsta

'Great for fun and education.' Toppsta Reviewer

'An outstanding history book for everyone! This book really should be in every home.' Daisy (age 10), Toppsta

'This was a great book! Much larger than I expected, loads of interesting sections/questions. Even my 5 year old can dip in and out. Lovely illustrations to go alongside, a great way to encourage an interest in history and science!' Toppsta Reviewer

'A fun filled book of great information. You'll find lots of wonderful facts to impress others with, super pictures and more information than you could wish for.' Toppsta Reviewer

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