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Adrian B. McMurchie

Born and educated in Glasgow, Adrian graduated in Graphic Design (incorporating illustration & photography) in 1990, working as a graphic artist for several years before concentrating on commercial art. The majority of his work is of an architectural nature, depicting buildings and cityscapes. Through his preferred medium of watercolour and ink he tries to express the dynamic contours of city buildings and reflect the vigour of urban life. Two of his main influences are the artist, Ralph Steadman and architectural renderer, Hughson Hawley. Adrian’s work has appeared in most UK national newspapers, in magazines such as BA’s in-flight High Life, for children’s book publishers (including a unique children’s literary guide to Edinburgh, introduced by J.K. Rowling) and for design consultants while his panoramic cityscapes are installed in public buildings across Scotland such as Porcelanosa, Radisson Red & Blu hotels and The Corinthian Club. He illustrated the restaurant review for the Sunday Herald from 2000-2011 and lives and works in his beloved Glasgow.

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