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  • Jennifer Jennifer

    Jennifer Eachus

    An award-winning illustrator who creates soft, luminous illustrations.
  • Lindsay Lindsay
  • Rae Rae

    Rae Earl

    Rae Earl was born in Stamford in Lincolnshire in 1971. Her first book ‘My Mad Fat Diary’, described as ‘Funnier, sadder & ruder than Adrian Mole’ by the Financial Times , was published in 2007. Her ‘Hattie Moore’ series for teens is published by Walker Books. She currently lives in Hobart, Tasmania with her husband & son where she grows carrots very badly.
  • Jason-Carter Jason-Carter
  • Monica Monica
  • Amy Amy

    Amy Ehrlich

    Author of the teen novel Joyride and the picture books Baby Dragon and The Girl Who Wanted to Dance.
  • Max Max

    Max Eilenberg

    The author of the critically acclaimed Beauty and the Beast, illustrated by Angela Barrett, and Cinderella, illustrated by Niamh Sharkey.
  • David David

    David Elliott

    As well as being an author David is also a professor at Colby-Sawyer College in New London, New Hampshire.
  • Carson Carson
  • David David

    David Ellwand

    Photographer, artist and top fashion designer for the Fairie world.