Casander Darkbloom and the Threads of Power: eBook (Reflowable ePub)

By P. A. Staff

The first in an extraordinary middle-grade fantasy series that takes the traditional "chosen one" narrative and flips it on its head. Think Nevermoor and The School for Good and Evil, but with a thrilling twist!

A boy with no memory. A world searching for a hero. Casander Darkbloom has no memory, lives outside a curiosity shop, and experiences random surges of uncontrollable energy in his limbs. When he inexplicably brings a stuffed raven to life, he unravels a strange and thrilling magical world. A world waiting for Cas to save it. Cas is the Foretold, the one prophesied to defeat the malevolent Master of All. Under the protection of Wayward School, Cas must learn to master his magical abilities. But, as he soon discovers, all may not be quite as it seems – and Cas will need to take control of his own destiny if he is to find the strength to fight the powers of evil.

Categories: Ebooks

For readers aged: 9+

  • Publication details:
  • Format: Reflowable
  • ISBN: 9781529515725
  • Published: 02 Nov 2023
  • Price: £7.99
  • Pages: 384

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Customer reviews


'This high-speed adventure with glorious magical world-building will enthral any fans of magic and mystery.' Irish Examiner

'A wonderful debut, bursting with magic and found friendships, which will inspire children to embrace and celebrate their differences whilst keeping them on the edge of their seat.' Jess French, author of Beastlands: Race to Frostfall Mountain

'This is fantasy at its best; a bold, beautiful world, characters who tug on your heart threads, and a fast-paced, intricately developed story about power and magic in all its forms.' Clare Povey, author of The Unexpected Tale of Bastien Bonlivre

'Written by an author with a movement condition known as Paroxysmal Kinesigenic Choreoathetosis, this exciting magical debut has disability and neurodiversity representation.' The Bookseller

'Casander Darkbloom and the Threads of Power has just cast a spell on us. We were hooked by the first page.' NetGalley Reviewer

'Told with adventure, magic and a brilliant cast of characters, this will keep you on the edge of your seat, not to mention keep you guessing and surprised throughout.' My Shelves Are Full

'A unique, powerful, and captivating story.' Armadillo Magazine

'This was a fantastic, fast-paced book full of fantastic, life-like characters, each very different from one another and stand out too. I love that it focused on those who were different in some way, whether it was Casander and his funny leg, or Paws and her wheelchair, these things never made the characters lesser, they were just things they dealt with and they lived their lives. There's some fantastic twists in this story, and I was completely riveted.' NetGalley

'The world-building is fun, and the characters are likeable […] I'm interested to see where future stories go!' NetGalley Reviewer

'This is an exciting book with a range of engaging characters. Well written, readers will be enticed by the world-building.' NetGalley Reviewer

'What a delight the first book in this mesmerizing, magical new fantasy series is… The story is fantastical, imaginative and built from layer upon layer of rich, evocative vocabulary that fills the reader's minds with sweeping, cinematic scenes and intricately, minutely detailed images… This first book sparkles with wonder and a fast, thrilling plot that takes so many twists and turns - there are some brilliantly startling, jaw-dropping revelations that I didn't see coming at all.' ReadingZone

'An absolute corker of a book, the sequel to this is one that will have me counting down the days until its release… because after that ending I need it now.”' World’s Smallest Library

'An afterword to the novel explains that the book was ‘created to tackle the universal themes of embracing your differences, conquering people’s perceptions of them, and learning to be your own hero who is neither held back nor defined by them.’ And the story carries the message lightly, entertainingly, and effectively.' Books for Keeps

'Cinematic in scope and set within a brilliantly imagined world, this children’s fantasy series is beautifully written with oodles of adventure, peril and intrigue to keep those pages turning quickly. And when it comes all wrapped up in a gorgeous cover by illustrator Nathan Collins, what more could you ask more?' My Book Corner

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