Nightshade Revenge: eBook (Reflowable ePub)

By Anthony Horowitz

The world’s bestselling teenage spy takes on a new and daring mission.

When his best friend Tom is abducted, Alex Rider is given an ultimatum by Nightshade – a sinister cult of assassins with a score to settle. But what twisted evil are they planning, and how is it connected to a revolutionary new gaming system? With no idea who to trust, Alex finds himself dragged into a nightmare world – where nothing is real but the game could kill you. The clock is ticking and Nightshade is closing in… This much-awaited new book in the bestselling Alex Rider series continues Alex’s fight against the deadly assassins encountered in the last book, Nightshade. Alex still has unfinished business with this sinister group made up of brainwashed children, not least trying to reunite MI6 chief Mrs Jones with her long lost son and daughter. The adventure takes us deep into the life-changing world of augmented reality, where even Alex will struggle to succeed against the technology. With daring chase scenes, a brilliant immersive gaming sequence, and a nail-biting final showdown, this new adventure brings the world’s best-loved teen superspy his biggest challenge yet. Praise for Nightshade: "Pacy and ingenious." The Sunday Times "Anthony Horowitz is on cracking form here: the plot is gripping, the characters — both familiar and new — are fully fleshed, and it sparkles with his characteristic wit. We could do with Alex Rider now..." Daily Mail

Categories: Ebooks

For readers aged: 9+

  • Publication details:
  • Format: Reflowable
  • ISBN: 9781529517507
  • Published: 07 Sep 2023
  • Price: £14.99
  • Pages: 320

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Customer reviews


'The Alex Rider books are irresistibly moreish … As always, the form is satisfyingly ingenious and twisty, with a series of impossible scenarios from which Alex has to escape by the inventive use of machinery, gadgets and everyday objects. This story — and they just get cleverer — makes use of virtual reality, plays with the hero and the reader about who is to be trusted, and has a perilous Hunger Games-like finale. It will be voraciously consumed.' Sunday times

'Alex's latest mission is as daring and exciting as ever, right up to its action-packed conclusion.' The Week Junior

'Ingenious and twisty, this makes use of virtual reality and doubts about who to trust. Clever and compulsive as always.' Children’s books of the year 2023, The Sunday Times

'In keeping with the on-the-pulse themes covered in this ground-breaking series some 20 years ago, Nightshade Revenge tackles contemporary technological innovations around AI and VR gaming to present young readers with a page-turning story that’s both of the moment and an all-out adventure classic.' LoveReading4Kids

'A fun return to a high octane spy thriller with some seriously fast paced writing. 5 out of 5 stars.' NetGalley Reviewer

'I raced through it in an afternoon, and am sad to have finished it. If you have enjoyed past books in the series, don’t hesitate to read this one.' NetGalley Reviewer

'This is a welcome return to the Alex Rider world from Anthony Horowitz and as ever, it's full of action set pieces where Alex has to use his ingenuity and very little in the way of gadgetry. [...] It zips along at a fast pace and is a lot of fun to read.' NetGalley Reviewer

'Horowitz is a master storyteller, luring the reader into Alex’s explosive world where death, destruction and mayhem lurks not only in the shadows but hidden in plain sight. It takes real skill to not only entertain readers on a consistent basis, but to keep them returning to a series such as this. Spy stories will never go out of fashion when they are of this high quality. It's overflowing with thrills!' NetGalley Reviewer

'It has all the key ingredients we have come to know and love - gadgets, action and the brotherly relationship between Alex and Tom. The novel centres around an Augmented Reality computer game - Pokémon Go eat your heart out, this game is way more realistic.' NetGalley Reviewer

'This is a welcome return to the Alex Rider world from Anthony Horowitz and as ever, it's full of action set pieces where Alex has to use his ingenuity and very little in the way of gadgetry. [...] It zips along at a fast pace and is a lot of fun to read.' NetGalley Reviewer

'I enjoyed Nightshade Revenge, it was amazing […] My favourite thing about the book was the spectacular final showdown, especially because there were parallel storylines from all over the world.' Toppsta Reviewer, age 11

'I would recommend this book for ages 11+ and anyone who likes thriller novels or the Alex Rider series. I especially enjoyed the the fast-paced plot and climax of the novel.' Toppsta Reviewer, age 14

'Exciting and full of adventure' Toppsta Reviewer, age 9

'Another fab book in the Alex Rider series.' Toppsta Reviewer

'"I really enjoy the Alex Rider series and was so excited to read this one - so finished it super quickly! I really liked this book as it is really fast paced. If you like spy stories you should read this.' Toppsta Reviewer, age 10

'Fans of Alex Rider will know that Anthony Horowitz can be relied on to deliver the thrills and a fair share of chases, explosions and death-defying moments. As before in this series, there are some fantastic action episodes. You’ll be dragged in right from the outset […] This is a book you can pick up and read without having read all the others. But if you do, I bet you’ll go on to explore the back catalogue too.' The Letterpress Project

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