The Repair Shop Stories: The Christmas Doll: eBook (Fixed Layout)

By Amy Sparkes

Illustrated by Katie Hickey

A heart-warming Christmas tale based on the real story of an evacuee doll, featured on best-loved TV show, The Repair Shop.

Susan is very young when she is evacuated from wartime London and sent to live with a family in the countryside. Unsure of her new surroundings and desperately missing her home, she doesn't hold much hope for the months ahead. Then, on Christmas morning, she is given a doll and Susan thinks this must be the best present she has ever had. Yet standing here now in The Repair Shop, thinking back on her childhood, she realizes that in fact the greatest gift was the kindness bestowed upon her and her ability to remember it always as she holds her precious doll close to her.

Categories: Ebooks

For readers aged: 5+

  • Publication details:
  • Format: Fixed layout
  • ISBN: 9781529513806
  • Published: 20 Oct 2022
  • Price: £12.99
  • Pages: 32

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Customer reviews


'A heartwarming Christmas tale' The Bookseller

'A delightful picture book aimed at the younger reader and full of Christmas sparkle. It is beautifully written and illustrated. […] this would be a lovely present even if you are not a fan of The Repair Shop.' Ely Standard

'If you're a fan of The Repair Shop, you'll love this book: all the expert repairers are there and easily recognisable - but even if you've never seen the programme, you'll still find that there's a story which is going to delight most young girls.' the Book Bag

'This is a touching, real life story set in two eras.' The Primary Times

'A festive tale with a real-life twist!' Books that Help

'A heart-warming Christmas tale about a little girl, her grandma and a precious doll. Loved that this is based on a true Repair Shop story. A festive tale with a real-life twist.' Toppsta Reviewer

'Lovely story which was perfect for preparation for Remembrance Day.' Toppsta Reviewer

'I’d recommend this to everybody, not just fans who pick it up because of the Repair Shop affiliation.' Toppsta Reviewer

'As soon as you open the cover you’re transported straight into the repair shop and a warm magic encases the reader! it’s a pure delight, even before you start to read! […] My daughter has been looking at the history of toys within a project at school so this was a great support to that and she was able to make connections back to her topic work. The illustrations are wonderful and really complement the story!' Toppsta Reviewer

'As an adult who watches the Repair Shop, I loved seeing the familiar faces from the programme. My daughter enjoyed learning about the Repair Shop and is keen to read other books in the series. The book is beautifully illustrated and sparked lots of discussion.' Toppsta Reviewer

'The story sparked a lovely discussion with my daughter about the war and about her own great grandmother. A beautiful Christmas read.' Toppsta Reviewer

'Whether you are a fan of The Repair Shop or not, this is a heartwarming story that is so elegantly told and touching.' Toppsta Reviewer

'Many Key Stage 1 children study old toys as a history unit and this story would help children understand how precious toys were. […] A brilliant book for children ages five and up.' ReadingZone

'The illustrations really make this book so special to look at. […] Overall a lovely tale and I’m keen to read more stories in this new Repair Shop Stories series!' The Strawberry Post

'a gorgeous bright illustrated book.' Book Read 2 Day

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