Triangle: eBook (Fixed Layout)

By Mac Barnett

Illustrated by Jon Klassen

Multi-award-winning, bestselling duo Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen conspire again on a slyly funny tale about some very sneaky shapes.

“Picture book lovers will find much to like in TriangleGuardian From the award-winning team behind Sam and Dave Dig a Hole, and illustrated by Jon Klassen, the Kate Greenaway-winning creator of This Is Not My Hat and I Want My Hat Back, comes the first tale in an exciting new trilogy. Meet Triangle. He is going to play a sneaky trick on his friend, Square. Or so Triangle thinks... Visually stunning and full of wry humour, here is a perfectly-paced treat that flips the traditional concept book, and approaches it from a whole new angle.

Categories: Ebooks

For readers aged: 3+

  • Publication details:
  • Format: Fixed layout
  • ISBN: 9781529508116
  • Published: 12 Aug 2021
  • Price: £7.99
  • Pages: 48

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Customer reviews


'It’s what you would expect from this pairing and then just a touch more genius. If you’re not already aware of their work, we suggest you rectify that immediately. Filled with original storylines, uncomplicated but meaningful text, a discernible humour and instantly recognisable artwork, there’s everything to appreciate about their work.[…] A story with a perfectly simple premise executed to perfection in the only way Barnett and Klassen know how.” ' Picture Books Blogger

'“Klassen’s restrained earthy palette and minimalist scenes (those eloquent eyes again), are in perfect harmony with Barnett’s even sparer, deadpan text allowing readers to step into the narrative landscape and fill for themselves, the host of gaps left by the book’s genius creators. Prankish play or something more sinister? I come down on the side of the former. This book is the first of a planned trilogy from this formidable team: I eagerly anticipate the next one … and the next.”' Red Reading Hub

'“Mac Barnett’s wily story and Jon Klassen’s eyes-tell-all illustrations make Triangle a really fun read-aloud for preschoolers, early elementary kids, and their adults.”' Boing Boing

'“The images are deceptively simple; the characters inhabit a world of triangles, squares and the “shapes with no names”. Each is rendered beautifully. As with Klassen’s solo work, the eyes reveal everything about the characters, bring two basic shapes-on-legs to life.”' Irish Times Weekend

'“Brilliant and hilarious, award-winning Jon Klassen and Mac Barnett’s Triangle is the gem of a book.”' Julia Eccleshare LoveReading, Book of the Month

'“Barnett’s sly humour is perfectly complimented by Klassen’s gorgeous illustrations and wry characterisations, which have become his trademark.”'

'A brilliantly anarchic feud between a triangle and a square evolves using black and white illustrations and clever, simple text. A fantastically funny read.' Baby London

'“It was love at first sight when this beauty fell onto the Woman’s Way desks. Mac (an author) and author-illustrator Jon have created and exceptionally beautiful book that documents Triangle wanting to play a sneaky trick on his friend. The first in a trilogy – Circle and Square are coming soon – it is stunningly good and our reviewer (two-year-old Ted) was sold. So are we.”' Woman's Way

'“Fans of this author-illustrator team, and of each creator individually, will recognise elements such as Klassen’s trademark simple shapes, sumptuous textures, and expressive eyes, not to mention a pesky antihero and a chase scene that goes in one direction, then back; the pranking frenemies of Barnett’s Terrible Two series; and a pair of protagonists doing something simple (say, digging a hole) that results in unexpected narrative complexity and asks readers to think beyond what’s spelled out on the page.”' The Horn Book Magazine

'Klassen’s deadpan humour has won him millions of fans, including me, and this collaboration with Barnett brings the best out of both, as it did in their award-winning Sam and Dave Dig a Hole. […] How Klassen manages to convey the two characters’ personalities through no more than a pair of eyes and a limited colour palette defies explanation.”' Daily Mail

'“A brilliantly anarchic feud between a triangle and a square evolves using black and white illustrations and clever, simple text. A fantastically funny read.”' Baby London

'“Older pupils will appreciate the complexity of Klassen’s illustrations and visual humour, and how the text and illustrations for together to offer an alternative narrative perspective. It is also an ideal introduction for visual literacy-based classroom sessions and perfect text to engage with reluctant, and less able readers.”' The School Librarian

'Jon Klassen and Mac Barnett are a match made in picturebook heaven. […] thoroughly original […] A treat for adults and children alike.' The Irish Times

'“[…] a great little story about shapes, spacial awareness and friendship.”' Reading Zone

'“The illustrations are simple but full of wit."'

'“It’s sophisticated, clever and funny.”' Laura Dockrill for Gurgle

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