By M. G. Leonard

The internationally bestselling author of Beetle Boy writes a thrilling mystery adventure about friendship, bravery and the wonderful world of birds, starring a birdwatching detective called Twitch.

Can a birdwatcher outwit an escaped convict? Twitch has three pet chickens, four pigeons, swallows nesting in his bedroom and a passion for birdwatching. On the first day of the summer holidays, he arrives at his secret hide to find police everywhere: a convicted robber has broken out of prison and is hiding in Aves Wood. Can Twitch use his talents for birdwatching to hunt for the dangerous prisoner and find the missing loot?

Categories: Fiction

For readers aged: 9+

  • Publication details:
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781406389371
  • Published: 03 Jun 2021
  • Price: £7.99
  • Size: 198 x 129 mm
  • Pages: 304

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Customer reviews


'A superb adventure of friendship, bravery and the wonderful world of birds, with a strong, but non-preachy theme of the benefits of connection with the natural world.' The Bookseller

'Enthralling from beginning to end, it really touched my young bird-loving heart! Just wonderful!' Dara McAnulty, author of Diary of a Young Naturalist

'A winged masterpiece.' Maz Evans

'Glorious! Full of excitement and wonder!' Sophie Anderson

'Twitch is a thrilling fast-paced adventure, full of characterful animals and tenacious children, with friendship and nature at its heart. I loved it. It’s the sort of book I would have read and re-read immediately as a child. Birds, mystery and fowl play! What more could you want?' Gill Lewis

'I can't recommend Twitch highly enough! I absolutely loved being immersed in detective Twitch's world of nature and birds with the extra twist of hunting for an escaped convict – superb! A brave and thrilling new adventure from one of my favourite writers. It was such a treat to be immersed in Twitch’s world of nature and birds. I honestly didn’t put the book down until the very last, exciting page-turn and I’m twitching for the next adventure!' Jasbinder Bilan

'Twitch is an absolute triumph. The perfect blend of mystery and adventure, a winning hero with an eye for ornithological facts and a heart as big as the countryside, plus a cracking whipsmart plot, I think this is M. G. Leonard's best book yet.' Christopher Edge

'Twitch is a compelling read – an adventure mystery with birds – what more could any reader want?!' Stephen Moss, author and birder

'Like a skilled weaver bird, M.G. Leonard has pulled together threads of adventure, friendship and the pure unassuming beauty of nature to produce a book that could have been a collaboration between David Attenborough and Roald Dahl. Read it!' Dr Jess French, vet, presenter and author

'Two reality checks balance out the fables and fantasias in the excellent Twitch by MG Leonard, justly famed for her Beetle Boy series. Her latest is a twist-laden, thriller-like tale of a bird-mad boy, some bullies and an escaped convict hiding in the nearby woods who’s looking for the millions reputedly stashed there. It all hinges on who 12-year-old Twitch should trust: the ex-bully, whose olive branches might be fake, or his mysterious new birdwatcher friend.' The Guardian

'Cracking characters, beyond pacy plotting and an ending that is almost Bugsy Malone-esque!' Phil Earle

'A delight to read on a lovely spring day. I didn’t leave it in the feeder for the birds to eat, but I’m sure M. G. Leonard's perfectly-plotted story would’ve been a nourishing treat all the same.' Clare Povey

'This is just one of those really, really good books that is very readable, with a great story and characters you're interested in and care about. It's written perfectly, with a good pace to the plot, and a lovely warmth to it throughout. There were no jarring moments, I was just completely caught up in the story for the whole book. Recommended for readers around 8 to 12 years old, and grown-ups like me who still enjoy the delight of a great adventure story!' The Bookbag

'I love, love, Love this book! It has a beauty to it, and it's intriguing, funny and clever […] it's just a lovely book that has role models, a bit of light detecting and lots of birds!' The Book Review Society

'Twitch by the brilliant M. G. Leonard is even more delightful and marvellous than I was expecting (I say this as a super fan)! Intriguing and full of fab characters who you love from the start, genuinely surprising twists and turns pulse a tense, pacy end that made me both laugh and cry. Loved it from start to finish. Hurrah for Twitch!' Liz Hyder

'Twitch is a great book for all lovers of nature, birds and mysteries. ... I highly recommend this book for all kids ages 10+.' Readings

'I think that the story had a great message about how important it is to just be you as well. I would really recommend this book, I enjoyed it so much. I think it would be great for anyone aged 8 and above.' The Sherborne Times

'Twitch is both a refreshing celebration of the natural world and an exciting and unpredictable mystery. I couldn’t put it down and read it in one sitting, thoroughly enjoying each and every word. It is a story that makes the reader stop and think. I particularly loved Twitch’s grandad’s words of wisdom, peppered throughout the book.' Toppsta

'I would thoroughly recommend Twitch to anyone. It’s a superbly paced, beautiful novel from an author at the top of her game.' Toppsta

'I envisage many a child being inspired by Twitch and readers will be begging parents for a set of binoculars and a trip to the nature reserve to do a bit of bird-spotting. A brilliant read, I’ll be tweeting and chirping loudly about this one.' Toppsta

'Leonard sprinkles fascinating facts like birdseed throughout the story [...] Leonard knows her audience and the jeopardy comes in flocks [...] Find your nest, curl up and enjoy.' The Times

'This is a cracking mystery adventure, but with a real depth of characterisation and a lot of wisdom about human relationships. It also demonstrates yet again this author's easy facility with the natural world just not with beetles this time!' The School Librarian

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