Unicornia: Learning to Fly

By Ana Punset

Illustrated by Diana Vicedo

First in a series of magical unicorn adventures for fans of Isadora Moon.

Welcome to Unicornia: the most wonderful place in the world, full of unicorns, glitter and magic. Join Claudia on her first day at the School of Advanced Magic, where she'll be taking potion lessons and a unicorn flying test.

Categories: Fiction

For readers aged: 5+

  • Publication details:
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781529519860
  • Published: 06 Jun 2024
  • Price: £6.99
  • Size: 203 x 140 mm
  • Pages: 128

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Customer reviews


'This book was a big hit with my daughter.... It’s a lovely story about friendship, new beginnings and trying to fit in.' Toppsta Reviewer

'Perfect book for my daughter.' Toppsta Reviewer

'Beautifully presented with pink edged paper and cheerful illustrations on each page.... The magic and creativity burst out on each page adding great humour.' Toppsta Reviewer

'What a gorgeous book! It has such beautiful colours & illustrations on every page, it really elevates the whole thing. My 6 year old loved the look of this book too.' Toppsta Reviewer

'What an ultra girly book. Pink and black illustrations and writing. Really beautiful and very different style... would make a really cute gift for a birthday.' Toppsta Reviewer

'I really enjoyed this book because the illustrations were beautiful.' Toppsta Reviewer age 8

'Claudia experiences her first day at the School of Advanced Magic in the first instalment of this adorable series for younger readers set in the enchanted land of Unicornia.' Waterstones.com

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